Which bank for students

Which bank currently offers which bonuses? After all, a large part of the study stays with the same bank after graduation. This is not bad as long as the student account has been selected correctly and does not incur unnecessary costs. The supply of direct banks is constantly expanding, and also the supply of student accounts is now very extensive. How to find the best student account?

Compare the free student accounts.

Compare the free student accounts.

Which bank currently has which surcharges? What are the interest costs if I slip into the disposition? Is there a free card? The connection to the bank is available to you and if you want to know more, click on “More details” and find all details and conditions described in detail.

In the section “UNICARD” you can find out if it is an exclusive student giro account and if you have to present your student ID. If the heading says “No”, anyone can close this user account and it is not a closed student account. You can also use this generic stand-alone checking account balance for this purpose.

Compact and clear presentation of all free bank accounts and answering important questions.

Compact and clear presentation of all free bank accounts and answering important questions.

If you often slip into the red, which can be the case with a tight student fund, there is still a dispo-interest comparison. The planning and disposition rates for all accounts were compared.

Whether it’s a credit card or student account, there are some special offers that stand out in detail. We have tested the best free student accounts. Especially for students, there are some things about current accounts that may not be that important to other consumers. Of course, it also depends on what the user account is to be used for.

All these and other aspects can be compared in one go in our performance comparison. Of course, one of the top premises is that the current account does not require any costs, but we also bet on favorable interest rates and good premiums. What happens after completing your studies? Who opens a current account with special benefits for students such as the savings account GiroCampusplus, must show his registration for account opening.

In many cases, the accounts are not necessarily aimed at students, but generally at “young people”, such as the bank’s starter account. When looking for the account you have to be careful, because this time limit can have a great influence.

During our studies, we also dealt with credit cards. In fact, students here often have different needs than the average consumer. For example, if you want to spend a semester abroad, you not only need a suitable account, but also a card that does not incur any additional costs for withdrawals and foreign payments.

Our detailed guide to credit cards during your studies will help you get the matching business card.

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