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10 proven conversion optimization tips for the gaming and betting industry – European Gaming Industry News

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Are you new to this gambling and betting industry? Have you put a lot of effort into conversion optimization for your gambling business? Are you tired of looking for ways to increase your casino revenue?

If yes, then here you will get all the expert tips and methods that will help your gambling and betting business grow and be competitive in the market.

There is a lot of competition in the market even in the digital platform where all the casinos in the world have gone online so that their users can play from any corner of the world. All online casinos have their marketing strategy and work strictly on this plan and execute it.

Here in this article, I am going to let you know the best proven ways to get more customers and traffic to your gaming platform.

1) View user pain points as an opportunity

As you are fully aware that every casino owner who offers online gambling and betting is more focused on increasing their business and neglecting user’s problems, they are faced with gambling and betting .

What you can do is; analyze the player’s problems and try to align your gambling business module with a perfect solution for them. For example, players never want to wait longer days to withdraw their winning amount to a bank account. Here, you can take advantage of the opportunity and provide instant transactions service to customers, which will also attract customers to visit and play on your website. That’s what the guys at Gclub Casino do on their online slots page.

You can offer players to play in cryptocurrencies. Now, all casinos offer crypto payments, which is a much more accessible way to play and invest funds securely and for an anonymous transaction.

2) Professional-looking website and mobile app

Nowadays, maintaining a website and a mobile application is common, which everyone does. What you need to do additionally is that you need to redesign your website and mobile app which have a professional presentation.

First, it should have a user-friendly interface to navigate from page to page. Provide all essential information quickly accessible with an appropriate call to action, FAQs and technical support.

You need to keep the website and app working as there are now a large number of mobile users. You should target these users and design accordingly as if they were opening the site on a mobile or laptop; it needs to have that clarity and can work depending on the devices it’s opened on.

3) Design a landing page with a quick CTA (Call-to-Action)

Ask your web developer to design a responsive landing page for your casino with a quick CTA. It invites visitors to perform the desired action and with a single click, they will land on the website. As an example, we can mention the Buaksib sports portal and its live results page.

You should keep in mind that when designing a landing page, you should make it appealing to visitors with all the relevant information in one place.

4) Share the main guide tracking content marketing activities

Content marketing is a boon for the gaming and sports betting industry to increase conversions without investing a huge budget. You need to accurately write the content based on your brand and the services you provide. Moreover, you can post it on your blog section, social media managers, YouTubers and other content-rich platforms.

In your content, you should mention USPs (Unique Sales Points) like bonuses, welcome offers, and referral rewards that your brand will provide to customers if they join your gaming business.

5) Offer rewards for referrals

In this method, you will give rewards to those who refer new customers to your site. Here in this method your brand will be promoted by third party like if user refer your company to play and bet others then you need to reward that particular user which will encourage chain promotion.

6) Invest in paid advertising

There are several platforms on which you can make yourself known by paying. Like Google and Bing, paid advertising plans are offered to anyone who wants to promote their website.

You can opt for other techniques of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and social media marketing to increase the number of visitors to your gaming site. This way, you can grab user’s attention in no time time and convert it into potential customers.

7) Contact website owners to put your banner

As you know, several websites promote other brands and provide space on their page for banners where anyone who wants to promote themselves can take it by paying a certain amount. It is one of the affordable options to optimize the conversion rate of your gaming business.

8) Enjoy the Benefits of Alternative Traffic Sources

Apart from Google, Facebook, and Bing, you can also get traffic from other resources. For example, you can opt for YouTubers, research influencer marketing, share your business plan on Reddit, discuss problems and solutions on forums, Quora, etc.

9) Launch FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) campaigns

Have you heard of FOMO? This is a campaign where you will display the banner with keywords such as Hurry up, there are two hours left to take advantage of the offer, Bonanza offer, Sign-up bonus, Welcome bonus, etc.

This type of campaign instantly grabs the attention of potential gamers and impacts the revenue generated by your gambling business.

10) A/B testing

You can optimize conversion for your gambling and betting industry through A/B testing, where you’ll check and compare the two different campaigns you’ll be running. A/B testing will give you better performance analysis to recreate the working strategy for better conversion optimization.


We have mentioned above the professional tips that will help you optimize the conversion of the gambling and betting industry. Additionally, you can run remarketing campaigns to increase your casino revenue.

Remarketing is a profitable opportunity to retarget users who have previously interacted with your betting or gambling website in any form. For example, you can offer a huge sign-up bonus to new customers, attract inactive users with a daily login bonus, etc.