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10 things DICE needs to do to make a difference


While Battlefield 2042 released just a few months ago in November 2021, to say it’s in trouble is a bit of an understatement. For starters, EA has yet to say anything about its sales numbers, meaning it hasn’t sold well to trump anything, and its player base (at least on Steam ) is beaten daily by older games in the franchise. . Not only that, but we listed the issues the game had in our review (which doesn’t put the game in a good light).

That said, the game is not unrecoverable. If games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 (another game developed by DICE) go from hating to growing its playerbase year(s) after launch, then surely an established franchise like Battlefield can too, no is this not ? In the list below, we’re counting down the 10 things DICE — and EA — need to do to make a difference for Battlefield 2042! We’re not saying Battlefield 2042 will be a bestseller or just

10 things DICE and EA need to do to change things for Battlefield 2042:

10) Better communication with players

While we’ve talked about DICE’s communication issue with the Battlefield playerbase before, it’s worth repeating one more time: DICE and EA Need to communicate with the player base (or whatever remains). Don’t schedule canned tweets and call it a day, no. Listen to the community, respond to tweets, Reddit community posts (even though most are toxic) – basically, whatever to let the playerbase know that someone within the studio and publisher is listening. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

9) Implement appropriate old features (dashboard, VOIP)

While DICE has already announced that a revamped/updated dashboard will arrive in February, that’s not enough. Why are old features such as VOIP, chat, etc. missing? If the reason is toxicity, then maybe just tighten the screw further? Trying to make sure no one gets hurt by hiding the dashboard from everyone doesn’t help, it’s just laughable.

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.04

8) Troubleshoot performance issues

While DICE continues to release fixes included in every patch for BF2042, it’s safe to say that the game shouldn’t suffer from these issues in the first place given that DICE has had years to develop the multiplayer mode, and hasn’t even not bothered by the need to do a single-player campaign. We need proper performance fixes, better server stability, less crashes and better stabilization on consoles and PC.

When we say “performance issues”, we also mean better hit registration, less buggy melee attacks, and more.

7) Bring back rent servers

Sure, there are community servers/games available, but it still needs someone to be on that particular server so it doesn’t shut down. Also, it’s not as flexible as proper rented servers either. Why not let players rent their own servers like in previous Battlefield games? Real players pay for these, so it’s not like it costs EA more to have them available, is it?

The main thing where it matters is in Battlefield Portal. You have the perfect mode where players can go to town in terms of imagining the game mode, but yet they are hampered by not being able to have their game modes/creations available 24/7 .

6) Menu and spawn screen need to be changed

The Battlefield 2042 menu and spawn screens just don’t work. It takes too many clicks, too many buttons to do something as simple as changing something in your loadout. Be warned, this is also an issue in previous Battlefield games, but is more pronounced in BF2042 considering other issues the game has. There are simply too many button presses for options, the screen of loading, etc., and that has to change.

As for the spawn screen, it just needs fixing given that it’s so hard to know exactly where you’re going, and it’s just annoying to have to deal with it.

Free battleground to play

5) Either make the danger zone free or just kill it

Let’s face it: Hazard Zone is a bust. Either EA makes the mode free for players who want to test Battlefield 2042 to do so, or just kill it and have DICE pour all the resources into All-Out War. I mean, on a show of hands, who here would miss Hazard Zone if it went away? Yeah, I thought about that.

4) Proper Roadmap and Battle Pass Explanation

What are we? Over 70 days since the game launched, and yet there’s still no mention of a screwed up roadmap, which is inexcusable for a AAA shooter from one of the biggest video game publishers in the world. world. How can games that have yet to be released, and with smaller corporate backing, have an actual post-release plan and roadmap and yet BF2042 doesn’t? Yeah, we’re baffled by this one too.

Given how badly DICE and EA have messed up communication so far, we don’t expect much from the eventual Battle Pass announcement. What we do know is that we will have a new specialist, new weapons, a new map and new cosmetics. But EA has to do more than that since, well. they may not have anyone left to sell the game’s first Battle Pass to!

The first Battle Pass shouldn’t just be a mindless cash grab, but be used to bring players back in some way! How? ‘Or’ What? Announce tons of new content, proper roadmap, proper patch schedule, and more. If this one fails, EA might as well kiss the remaining players goodbye.

3) Post more content ASAP

Going hand in hand with the Roadmap and Battle Pass, EA doesn’t have the luxury of taking its time releasing new content for the game. Given the small weapon pool size and few maps in All- Out War, it’s time for DICE and EA to start distributing content even without any seasons.

Maybe give away a drop of content (or two) every month? Hey, drastic cases call for drastic measures, right? It’s a way of (perhaps) regaining the confidence of the players.

2) Create a mode without a specialist

For Specialists, we’ll be realistic here and admit that it’s highly unlikely that DICE could somehow eliminate Specialists without completely breaking the game given that the base game mode is ability-based of each and so on. Still, one wonders how the player base would react if a new base game mode was released that only allowed traditional classes.

Sure, this no-specialist mode is doable in Battlefield Portal, but it’s a different beast when DICE itself creates a mode like this and has it permanently enabled, isn’t it?

1) Reroll like DICE did with Battlefield V and Battlefront 2

Perhaps the silver lining of all the stormy weather the game has had so far is that Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront 2 had rocky launches, but after numerous patches, content drops and such, the things started to change. However, it was not just that. In case you didn’t know, EA relaunched the games with an alternate “cover” that signified the major changes to each title. Do you remember the BFV title screen above? How about the one below for Battlefront 2?

That’s the good thing about games as live services these days; Countless titles have managed to turn the tide, but it involves a lot of hard work from the developers, constant communication, and more.

It is more or less that. Do you agree with this list? What can DICE and EA do to change things for Battlefield 2042? Have your say and let us know your thoughts in the comments.