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A look at gaming behavior


The gambling industry has grown considerably: new online casinos are appearing daily. This is happening due to a renewed interest in effortless real money raising.

On the one hand, online gambling allows you to play for free: most reputable platforms offer demo slots or real money Australia online slots – a regular slot machine that does not require a deposit. . On the other hand, if you want to withdraw your winnings, you must meet wagering requirements, which is an amount that a player must wager before being allowed to cash out.

One wonders if it is true that the casino always wins. Well, we’ll try to figure it out.

Play behavior of women

Online gambling is extremely popular in Australia. You probably knew about it. However, there is one interesting fact you didn’t know: Australian women have a high level of gambling addiction.

Yes, women finally have access to the entertainment that was considered a hobby for men. However, the increased financial and social independence of women in Australia has caused addictive behavior in women. And this problem has worsened and grown to horrific proportions.

Some researchers have suggested that the difference between male and female gambling behavior may be explained by traditional gender expectations and the difference in male and female identities.

However, there is another point of view: Experts believe that gambling is a less accepted activity among women. And the public doesn’t expect them to behave like that – to play. Therefore, women who enjoy gambling can be vulnerable. Plus, people can judge them for their hobbies. At the same time, men are not condemned like women because their gambling behavior is taken for granted.

Recent research has shown that women are less risky. They rarely fall into a state of addiction compared to male gamers.

Yes, no one denies that there are addictive personalities in women. But women are more careful, which means they spend less money on gambling than most male gamers.

Despite this, women who gamble regularly are more likely to become addicted.

There is a survey which shows that gambling behavior depends on the age profile.

An Australian survey interviewed 509 women of different ages who gamble regularly. According to this research, younger women suffer more from gambling addiction (16-35), while older women may resist it.

Women’s choice

Women are considered to prefer to gamble on “luck”: they choose lotteries and bingo while men like to make high bets and choose poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.

However, recent surveys indicate that the behavior of women has changed over time. Now they have another preference: women can choose both games of skill and games of chance. Behavior change is common among younger people. Older players rarely change their habits.

Why do women gamble?

There are several views: some experts believe it happens because of boredom and depression, while others see it as due to women’s desire to be socially active and meet new people. people.

Research by Pattinson & Parke (2017) found that female gamers are motivated by the desire to make new friends – a social reason. This research has shown that women want to be part of the community or be around people.

International studies suggest that loneliness and frustration lead to addictive gambling behavior. Moreover, women often want to escape reality because of burnout. And play helps them cope with anxiety and social pressure. As a rule, women, who play daily, raise children, have stable jobs and are married. Domestic problems regularly fall on the shoulders of women. Therefore, women are eager to escape to the virtual world, where they will not have to solve family problems.

Also, when a man is struggling with an addiction, as a rule, a woman tends to help him first. But when it comes to female addictive behavior, the players are on their own.

Marketing strategies

The gambling industry has become focused on women: for example, Pink Casino sees itself as suitable for women. It takes into consideration the style and sophistication of women. Pink Casino offers a user-friendly design – soft color tones and a practical layout.

Most bingo sites use these tools to attract more women. Also, they invite celebrities to promote affiliate products that look incredibly appealing to female gamers.

There is another example – an “888 Ladies” casino. It is popular among women of different ages for its white and pink colors and unusual designs. Women can also find a casino aimed at women – “Maria”. It has more reserved tones. No glitter and pink colors.

In addition to the tools listed, there are even more:

More and more casinos tend to use bright visuals. Additionally, real money slots for women are based on feminist themes like Lara Croft and Wonder Woman. According to research, female players feel more comfortable and more confident.

Women are active users of social networks, therefore online casinos tend to use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a platform for promotion. Women share their results there and it piques the interest of other women.

Online casinos allow female players to remain anonymous, which means that other players do not see each other’s losses or winnings. It helps women feel more comfortable. Plus, they can train before they get fat.

Some online casinos offer additional free spins and corresponding deposit bonuses to players. Gambling sites may offer exclusive discounts on Mother’s Day and Women’s Day. Finally, casinos have a special in-store offer: croupiers. Women feel more comfortable seeing a woman in front of them (even onscreen).

Final thoughts

It was amazing when women started playing in online casinos. But things have changed. A woman no longer stands behind men’s backs, sipping a cocktail and brightening it up.

She is very confident to play at the same table as the men. Online casinos have changed their policies and their players – their attitude.

There is a serious problem – gambling addiction which is becoming dangerous, especially among Australian women. This issue should be resolved as soon as possible.

On the positive side, women could be respected, and now women play well with gentlemen.

There is nothing that can stop women. They are taking their place in the gaming industry as elsewhere in the world.

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