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All lucky dice slots in Mount Craw


There are 19 Lucky Dice to locate in Mount Craw, and finding them all will help players increase their chance of loot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

In The wonders of Tiny Tina, players will need to collect 19 lucky dice in Mount Craw in order to complete one of the campaign challenges. There are 260 Lucky Dice that can be found in Wonderlands, and each slot has a varying amount to uncover for Fates. It is imperative that all lucky dice be found as quickly as possible as each found increases the Loot Luck stat. Find all 260, and the Loot Luck stat is permanently increased by 35%, making it much easier to get legendary loot. The wonders of Tiny Tina.

Mount Craw is not one of the places players will pass through during the story, but they can access it by completing the side quest that builds the Rainbow Bridge in the Overworld. There are many activities to complete in Mount Craw beyond collecting all the lucky dice, such as additional side quests, finding the rune switch and ancient obelisk in the area, and even l breeding the goblin pickaxe that generates gold on melee hits. This is an area where players can expect to find plenty of Wyverns, Goblins, Skeletons, and Dogfish enemies, so be sure to bring a variety of weapons and spells to counter all types of weaknesses.


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Finding all the lucky dice in the game is one of the best activities to do in The wonders of Tiny Tina after players beat the main story. After completing the game’s epilogue, Fatemakers will have access to a new activity called the chamber of chaos, where they will face random enemies, challenges and bosses in a dungeon. Completing the activity will not reward players with loot for defeating the boss, but they will also earn more crystals which can be used to farm different types of gear directly. With a better chance of loot from finding all Lucky Dice in the game, Fates will have a much easier time obtaining Legendary gear in general from this post-game activity.

All Lucky Dice in Mount Craw

The Lucky Dice locations below are referenced from the map entrance and follow one another in order. In addition, each of the locations of these lucky dice in The wonders of Tiny Tina are referenced on the map where players open it while facing north on their compass. Mount Craw isn’t a difficult place to navigate, but it can be disorienting if players aren’t looking at it from a north-facing vantage point due to all the caverns and elevation levels throughout the area. Additionally, other points on the map such as Vending Machines, the Ancient Obelisk, and the Rune Switch can be used to establish better positioning.

  • Lucky dice 1: In the area after reaching the first vending machines, take a left just before the wooden bridge to find the first Lucky Dice
  • Lucky dice 2: Keep following the path east to the Goblin Mines, then head to the southeast side of the map to find the second lucky die from Mount Craw in The wonders of Tiny Tina.
  • Lucky dice 3: In the village in the center of the map, the next Lucky Dice is on top of a house balcony.
  • Lucky dice 4: To the east of the village is a building that has a foundry, and the Lucky Dice is also on its balcony.
  • Lucky dice 5: From the Foundry, go down the right train tracks to find the Lucky Dice next to the mob entrance.
  • Lucky dice 6: On the west side of the village is a small cave blocked by ice. Destroy the ice, then turn left to find the next Lucky Dice.
  • Lucky dice 7: Head south from the central structure on the map, a similar structure, and find the lucky dice in the basement of this house.
  • Lucky dice 8: Continue west from the previous house towards the windmill to find the next lucky die in The wonders of Tiny Tina inside a shack on the left side.
  • Lucky dice 9: In the same area, go down the dock to the right of the windmill to find the next Lucky Dice.
  • Lucky dice 10: Take the path northeast of the village to find the next Lucky Dice at the top of a column to the left of the broken bridge.

  • Lucky dice 11: In the same area, to the right of the bridge is a climbable path where the Lucky Dice are at the top.
  • Lucky dice 12: Take the path north of the village and cross the small bridge just after the vending machines. The Lucky Dice is in the shack on the right immediately after exiting the bridge.
  • Lucky dice 13: Continue north from the previous location, and the next Lucky Dice location in The wonders of Tiny Tina will be on the side of the cliff overlooking the lava on the right in the large area.
  • Lucky dice 14: The next Lucky Dice is in the same area and can be reached by climbing the path to the Runic Switch and walking west to the next platform.
  • Lucky dice 15: From the rune switch, head east on the climbable path, then jump to the platform on the right just below the top of the bridge to put the lucky dice around the corner.
  • Lucky dice 16: From the Runic Switch, head west on the narrow path, then continue to the southeast corner of the next large area. The minimap should show the vending machines east of the Fatemaker’s location. Climb on the latter, then turn left and jump over the hole to find the next location of Lucky Dice in The wonders of Tiny Tina.
  • Lucky dice 17: Head to the westernmost side of Mount Craw, but before you continue down the narrow path, head slightly north and look to the right of the two mob tents to find the lucky dice.
  • Lucky dice 18: Continue west. In the next large area, face south with a view of the ancient obelisk and turn left to find the lucky dice next to the mob tent.
  • Lucky dice 19: Return to the large area where Lucky Dice 16 was located. Head up the trail to reach the southernmost pointy end of this area which faces the central village. After reaching this area, drop down to the balcony of the building overlooking the village to find Lucky Dice’s final location in The wonders of Tiny Tina just around the corner.

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The wonders of Tiny Tina is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Every ancient obelisk location in Tiny Tina Wonders

Every ancient obelisk location in Tiny Tina Wonders

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