Andrew Dice Clay has Bell’s palsy


Andrew Dice Clay has Bell’s palsy, but it’s a “temporary” thing, he said. (Photo: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)

Andrew Dice Clay struggles with Bell’s palsy, but insists it’s okay and he’s still so “gorgeous.”

It was reported on Friday that the 63-year-old comedian and actor developed the disease several weeks ago after waking up to notice his face sagging. He had no other symptoms and did not believe he had suffered a stroke. His doctor examined him and made the diagnosis.

Symptoms of Bell’s palsy, according to the Mayo Clinic, include sudden weakness in your facial muscles. Weakness causes the face to drop, so the smile is one-sided, and the eye on that side resists closing.

In most cases, the weakness is temporary and gets better over the weeks – and Clay’s doctor expects it to be here. For the most part, full recovery takes about six months.

When Clay saw the headlines sparked by his diagnosis, he responded on social media.

“I really don’t understand why Bell’s palsy has been the subject of a media blitz,” he wrote. about what he called his “Palzy Face”. He also attended the Tony Bennett-Lady Gaga show to see his A star is born girl on screen.

He said, “It’s a temporary problem and I’m still so gorgeous with it!” And it’s not “not really a big deal” because it’s “going to go away”.

He also said he would continue to perform – touting a show at City Winery in New York on Monday as well as dates in Texas the following week – “Paralyzed face or not !!!” »And said he was« untouchable ».