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At Far Away Realm, Mario meets Battlefront and Fall Guys, former EA and Dice developers


Lava Games is a brand new studio launched with the support of EA Trip Founder Hawkins and Makers Fund with a group of former EA, Riot Games and Dice developers as part of its global team, and they just announced that his first game has now opened the signature Alpha. UPS. Called A Far Away Realm, it’s a hero-based third-person arcade platform shooter that looks a bit like what you’d get if Mario, Fall Guys, and Star Wars: Battlefront had a big mash-up.

Development of the game began in 2020, Lava announces in a press release, and Alpha testing has now started, with a limited number of Founder’s Packs up for grabs for the first 1,000, which provide early access to the title, “status. of Perpetual Founder ”, and some high-resolution posters signed by the game team. The game lets you choose your“ lovable ”hero player character, venture to a bunch of different and wacky planets in its universe, and you beat using magical abilities.

Designed to appeal to a wide range of players, it can be played casually or competitively, and it has reduced controls, “explosive mechanics and wacky physics” that add a “pinball bounce with every step you take” , as the studio explains, the mechanics and feel being something the studio has put a lot of effort into.

“Our goal is to get silly gameplay with slightly reduced controls, creating a wet road-like effect,” says Lava Games Founder and Creative Director Kaya Tilev. “The gameplay we want to achieve is ‘learned chaos,’ which means a slightly slippery and bouncing character with exaggerated recoil and impact from weapons.

“It’s important for us to stand out as a light shooter and attract fans who want something different from your typical Call of Duty shooter,” Tilev adds. “You can think of the feeling of being a parody of the Battle of the Ewok concluding Return of the Jedi!” Ultimately, we wanted a bouncy card, which can be used as an advantage and create wacky gameplay that can be surprising and getting the right amount of fun versus controlled chaos is a work in progress.

On the Star Wars theme, with veterans of Star Wars: Battlefront studios Dice and EA, as well as League of Legends studio Riot, on the Lava Games team, we asked how their experiences working on other games would look like. were able to help shape A Far Away Realm and whether the inspirations or influences from past projects they worked on could be taken into account. “Absolutely! For example, building on previous experience from Dice’s Battlefield 2, team members worked on some very tight weapon mechanics that were too serious for A Far Away Realm,” Tilev tells us. .

“Although A Far Away Realm is not a war shooter and probably closer to, say, a Fall Guys experience but with projectiles, we have continually asked ourselves: how do we make sure that one In addition to the weapon feel, our sounds were created by the same group of people who worked on the sounds of the Battlefield series.

As to where the game will sit in the already competitive shooting and multiplayer platform scenes, Tilev tells us, “Our first principle was to create a game that could be played and enjoyed by everyone. While players of competitive games like Overwatch or Fortnite tend to be quite hardcore, we wanted a lighter experience where players not only have to compete against each other but also earn mini objectives via different tactics, such as shooting, working. team or using the features to your advantage. This is where the platforming aspect comes in – a seasoned platform player can also get by by hitting goals. Having a good balance of order and chaos in an arcade setting is really what captures the arcade feeling of “pulling something special” at the right time.

“Lately, many shooters have focused intensely on themes such as war or the dystopian future, with a deathmatch or a battle royale,” Tilev adds. “Instead, with A Far Away Realm, we decided to focus on a utopian future, where our heroes play games for the sport rather than just the death toll. We really asked ourselves a simple question: What would the Fall Guys be like with tighter guns and controls? There are enough serious AAA shooters out there, we really wanted a game with a less serious factor and moments we can laugh about with our friends – A Far Away Realm is a shooters parody with a bit of platforming.

Tilev also explains to us that the Lava team took “a lot of inspiration from games like Mario Kart and Fall Guys, while implementing platform gameplay where players can focus on mini-games where they can have fun. more kills does not necessarily mean winning “.

As for the gameplay of A Far Away Realm itself, Tilev tells us the team doesn’t want to give it all away just yet, but gives us a taste of what to expect. “A Far Away Realm in its first season will have eight heroes with unique abilities. Granted, we’re also longtime Star Wars fans, so we wanted to have small-sized weapons in addition to hero powers. This allows us to promote different styles of play, as well as teamwork. For example, heal your friends using special abilities or a high powered rainbow blaster that knocks enemies off the map? You can expect to see players flying left and right from an accurate fire area weapon!

A Far Away Realm is only in the early stages of development at the moment, so there is no word on its release roadmap just yet, although Tilev confirms he is heading to PC and we will see a few beta releases before the game hits early access later. For now, if you want to sign up for the Alpha or find out more, you can head over to its Discord channel at this link, and be sure to check out our previews of the best platformers and the best multiplayer games for something to try out right now.

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