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Barcelona roll the dice to stay competitive


After an exceptional summer of Irish sport – the triumph over the All Blacks in New Zealand being a once-in-a-lifetime event – ​​the Premier League returns next weekend for a strangely interrupted season. The competition will end on Monday November 14 and will not resume until Saint-Étienne. It makes way for the World Cup in Qatar.

But that’s not the only special thing. Those who know football and know how to use a calculator know that FC Barcelona, ​​the organization that likes to say that it is “Mes Que Un Club” – more than a club – was on the verge of bankruptcy. almost 12 months ago. .

The financial and regulatory constraints were so heavy that he had to allow the departure of his biggest star, Lionel Messi. Other players owe millions of euros in contract wages.

This summer he bought players like he was out of fashion. How can this be? That’s because Barcelona have mortgaged their future, selling 25% of their projected TV revenue to US financiers Sixth Street for the next 25 years.

European Super League

They are counting on the eventual success of something that erupted briefly and angrily in the spring of 2021, the European Super League, which would have been made up of 15 permanent members and five rotating participants, allowed to the top table on a season basis. former. domestic success.

Fan antipathy and street protests were such that the six English clubs – Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham – both Milans and Atlético Madrid all pulled out after initially indicating their will to participate. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Paris St Germain have all declined invitations.

The remaining main movers, Juventus of Italy and Real Madrid and Barcelona of La Liga, remain committed to the concept and are battling in European courts in an attempt to break control of governing body UEFA over European competition.

We won’t know the result until December 15. English teams have already declared that they will not join any future super leagues. Barcelona belongs to its members. His specially commissioned club song, ‘El Cant del Barça’, played in every game at Spotify Camp Nou, proclaims ‘a flag unites us in brotherhood’.

Blaugrana president, second time Joan Laporta, is rolling the dice that the Catalan giants will remain competitive and that the ESL is established and increases the earning power. He was in Las Vegas last week, the city of winners. And the losers.