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Battlefield 2042: 10 classic maps DICE should bring back


With the latest news from DICE including a mode in Battlefield 2042 that brings back many fan favorite maps, we thought this would be a great time to chat. 10 classic maps that DICE should bring until 2042. Training effect, formerly known as DICE LA, is working on this mode for the title, with Christian Glass acting as the studio’s general manager while Vince Zampella oversees it. With 2042 returning to the modern futuristic setting for the first time in many years, it seems plausible that Ripple Effect will most likely bring many beloved cards from Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and potentially game cards coming and going. to these two. In no particular order, here are 10 cards we’d love to see make a return to Battlefield 2042!

10. Metro operation

Metro is one of the most popular maps in the Battlefield series, and understandably that comes with a very divided fan base as to whether the map is good or not. Originally, Metro debuted in Battlefield 3’s E3 showcase and was later used in the beta as well, eventually launching with the game on day one. The map itself is extremely linear, but that’s in the best interests of the player, as it allows for quick and fiery encounters. This requires an extremely well thought out and tactical approach because otherwise players will find themselves in a hail of bullets every time. The metro runs mostly in a subway line, however, there is a top with a few streets and a decent amount of buildings. The map was brought into Battlefield 4 as part of the Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC Pack, which included four remastered Battlefield 3 maps. This iteration was titled Operation Metro 2014. For 2042, we would like to see this map come back all remastered and retouched. The frenzied and fast-paced action provided by the map would be paired perfectly with new features in Battlefield 2042, such as new natural disasters.


9. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar is a map that has yet to be remastered, only remade in Chinatown for Hardline, but we think it would be perfect for Battlefield 2042. The map was extremely popular in Rush mode, as well as Conquest. Vehicles aren’t very present in Bazaar, meaning this map was mostly ground boots, which encouraged close quarters combat with offensive surges. The super-fast gameplay that has been granted by the smaller map is something that would make many fans happy in 2042, as the maps we’ve seen so far have been massive, making way for 128 player battles. which are enabled on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. The map also left a lasting impression with the rainy day it brought, which would look amazing remastered and rendered in the Battlefield 2042 engine.


8. Shanghai Headquarters

Yes, it is this card with the falling skyscraper. Siege of Shanghai is one of the best offerings in Battlefield 4, and it must be included in Battlefield 2042. The map allows players to destroy the skyscraper by blowing up the pillars at the bottom. This leads to the building collapsing, leaving ruins on the map. Vehicles like tanks, helicopters, and even jetskis appear on the map, allowing for versatility while keeping things close. Planes and jets are not on this map, which will be a relief for many players who are not the biggest fans of these vehicle offerings. It would be absolutely a crime not to include this fan favorite map, so we hope that DICE will follow up and provide this Battlefield 4 classic as a remastered map in Battlefield 2042.


7. Gulf of Oman

The Gulf of Oman is a sandbox chaos, with most of the game’s vehicles and equipment appearing. It feels like all-out war, and if it were introduced in 2042 with all the new features, it would be really quite special. The map originally debuted in Battlefield 2, and later made its way into Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. The Gulf of Oman is truly one of the best maps that DICE could add to really show what it was like. Battlefield – nonstop on top. action with explosions every 2 seconds. If DICE does eventually bring this fan favorite in 2042, we hope they incorporate some of the new weather mechanics introduced in the reveal trailer.


6. Operation Outbreak

Operation Outbreak is a map that was introduced in Battlefield 4, specifically in the Community Operations expansion pack. This map has been guided and shaped by the community, with details of its layout and various inclusions decided by the community through votes and poll-type questions. Operation Outbreak is based in a jungle-like area that contains ancient buildings, a sort of abandoned town, and of course, a massive canopy of jungle trees. Since this is a map players have really shaped, we think it should definitely return in fully remastered Battlefield 2042 and all.


5. Valparaíso

This map was one of the best quick maps in the series, and certainly one of the pinnacles of the incredibly fun game that is Battlefield Bad Company 2. This map has not been remade at this time, so it would be very appropriate to having its first 2042, the title is gaining popularity on the Internet since the reception has been so positive. To be completely honest, Valparaiso isn’t a map you’ll see on every list, but we were huge fans of how Rush played here, and hope that in 2042 we can relive the nostalgia.


4. Strike in Karkand

Strike at Karkand is an absolute classic and will adapt perfectly to the chaos 2042 seems to bring. The map can truly be described as a large city map, and with that, it has been incredibly popular every time it was released. Players can choose to take down their opponents in the streets, through shopping malls, between buildings and many other places. Strike at Karkand is real mayhem and a map that shows what Battlefield itself is – mass destruction.


3. The port of Arica

The Port of Arica takes place in Chile, all along the coast, as the name suggests the Port of Arica. For Conquest, this map has always been pretty well configured. The three capture points are laid out directly in a line on the middle part of the map, making it a very tense battle to advance towards a northern point. This is yet another map from Battlefield Bad Company 2, which featured many great maps in the series. As for the other modes that could be played on this map, these included Rush, which was also a very popular choice for players who were playing Bad Company 2.


2. Caspian border

Caspian Border is a true Battlefield classic that must be included in the collection of maps that DICE decides to bring to 2042. This map brings vehicle chaos and drives it up to 11, making it one of the best Battlefield series cards never offered. Fighter jets fly over the sky as tanks engage in battle with attack helicopters hovering low to the ground. It all adds up to the chaos of ground combat, with missiles crashing all over the place and RPGs fired left and right. 2042 must have the Caspian border, and we think that’s a lockdown due to the card’s massive popularity.


1. Wake Island

Last but not least, the good old Wake Island. That’s pretty much a no-brainer, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be mentioned on this list. Wake Island is the most recognizable and famous Battlefield map, and for that one achievement it must make the cut for 2042. For those unfamiliar, Wake Island is right between Guam and Honolulu, where it is located. with an air base along the side of it. The island has a rather odd shape, with the ocean in the middle, creating a circle-shaped barrier that is perfect for a map. Players can take ships on this map, shoot others across the island, as well as take out planes and ground vehicles. Despite being a far cry from the largest map in Battlefield, this island has some of the best action you can find in the Battlefield franchise. It was expanded in Battlefield V to make it even bigger, and it would be a crime not to include Wake Island in Battlefield 2042.

These are our picks for 10 maps that DICE should bring back for Battlefield 2042! With so much to choose from, it was hard to narrow down which ones would make the list, however, we think these ten would be a perfect fit for the Battlefield 2042 celebration. We can’t wait to see what cards DICE decides to bring to the game and for launch. of 2042 itself, which is only a few months away.