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Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass Unlocks Bug Now Fixed, Says DICE


Remember when we reported last week that with the start of the Battlefield 2042 Season 1 rollout, issues surfaced regarding the game’s first Battle Pass. Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass is now fixed!

On Twitter, the official Battlefield Direct account made the following announcement:

One of the last issues we needed to fix last week has now been fixed.

In rare cases, players earning certain Battle Pass ranks did not receive their unlocks. They should now find them available the next time they log in or play a round.

DICE Community Manager Kevin Johnson also touched on this topic and mentioned that players who are having issues with BF2042 Battle Pass unlocks should play a match, and it should trigger the rewards once the match is complete.

If you had any issues unlocking Lis, available weapons, or cosmetics on the Battle Pass in #Battlefield2042

Enter the game, play a match, and you should see these rewards unlock automatically once you complete your match!

Hopefully this is resolved for everyone. For those looking for the next game update, DICE mentioned that we will see one in July, which is a question of whether we will see new content related to it or if it will only be for fixes of bugs. .

Stay tuned for our BF2042 Season 1 review on the site very soon!

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