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‘Battlefield 2042’ beta game could arrive this month, Amazon leaks expected from EA, DICE


The “Battlefield 2042 ″ beta is coming, and Amazon leaked that for EA and DICE, who spoke about the first aspect of the game people should expect in a few months after being delayed for the second time. Now it would focus on a new timeline, but the beta is still coming, which the company has yet to confirm for the game.

Amazon’s ‘Battlefield 2042’ beta leak

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“Battlefield 2042” is said to have a beta version coming soon, and it has been revealed by Amazon (via Comicbook Gaming) that it will arrive this month, the game’s supposed original release date. Initially, EA and DICE had planned a postponement October for the release of the sequel to “Battlefield”, but was ultimately changed in november.

The beta leak is something people should expect, but not yet as September draws to a close, but no news from EA or DICE has been revealed or teased via social media. Nevertheless, it would probably arrive no later than September, or at most October.

The game aims to cast a future look at ‘Battlefield’, a dystopian future where war has taken over the planet, based on its initial teaser and trailer.

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‘Battlefield 2042’ release date

2042 Battlefield Screen

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The release date for “Battlefield 2042” would be November 19, 2021, a date that has been moved twice from its original September release or earlier. However, it is a game confirmed for this year, so players don’t have to worry about its release to the public.

The beta was not revealed if it was a public or closed beta, but it would still invite those known to the game, as well as selected participants, to review and make it happen. first-hand experience.

The trailer showed a lot about the game, bringing the new future of the “Battlefield” storyline to players. It would be different from other games in the franchise, as others focused on real-life, close-to-reality storylines with a first-person perspective (POV), which made the series popular.

Plus, the next game would be the seventeenth installment in EA and DICE’s Battlefield series, which is a lot for a franchise, resembling that of the huge ones. These include Square Enix’s “Call of Duty” or “Final Fantasy” franchise.

‘Battlefield 2042’ What to expect

Battlefield 2042 Screen Helicopter

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The game is expected to charge players up to $ 100 for its Gold Edition or Special Edition, which would be available for both the company’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms. “Battlefield 2042” is still a highly anticipated game despite its high MSRP for its special release and subsequent delays in the game.

DICE and EA have yet to reveal anything regarding the game, even any ideas or details regarding its future gameplay, especially as it focuses on the “future” of the franchise. The company would still epitomize the game’s massive inclination to action and shooters and be a multiplayer-only title.

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