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Battlefield 2042 C5 drone options under review by DICE; “Aware” of end-of-run promoted bug


While DICE fixed a bunch of issues in Battlefield 2042 during today’s patch 4.0 rollout, there’s one thing the devs didn’t fix, and that’s the Battlefield 2042 drone “problem.” C5 that players have been encountering for some time. Luckily, DICE has confirmed that this is under developer review, which means a change should be coming.

This was confirmed by Battlefield Community Manager Straatford87 on the EA Answers forums:

Also of note, it seems that with patch 4.0 a new bug where it shows the player being promoted every turn ends is a thing, and DICE is aware of this by Kevin Johnson (DICE Community Manager).

Finally, Straatford87 also explained the reasoning behind the XP changes made with patch 4.0:

We’ve moved XP gains to make them more consistent in how they’re rewarded to you, instead of focusing on completing the defend/capture event itself. This will help balance overall XP rewards.

It also means you should be less punishing if you die right before a capture event has happened and you miss out on a lot of XP.

Instead, you are now rewarded with more XP for participating in the defensive/offensive objective by performing actions supporting your team (healing, resupplying, repairing and destroying equipment, or disrupting via EMP).

Coupled with the fact that Ribbons are now easier to obtain, you should see higher overall XP gains with this change. Once you have been able to play and

Although it didn’t fix everything with BF2042, patch 4.0 is a step in the right direction. Hopefully DICE continues this momentum and releases bigger fixes in the future.