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Battlefield 2042 frame rate issues won’t be fixed in time for launch


EA DICE would not be able to fix the Battlefield 2042 for PC frame rate issues until the game launches in two weeks.

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Battlefield 2042 is expected to arrive in less than two weeks and is sure to be one of the most successful games of the 2021 holiday season. Still, PC gamers have some concerns afterward. Battlefield 2042Beta testing has revealed performance issues in the online multiplayer shooter. Specifically, Battlefield 2042 gamers described frustrating frame rates and frequent drops across a range of settings and hardware configurations. Although EA DICE has recognized these issues, it looks like it won’t be able to fix them until Battlefield 2042is the launch.

According to Tom Henderson, the problems faced by PC gamers during Battlefield 2042Beta testing will not be fully resolved when the game launches in mid-November. Henderson explains that he contacted “developers” regarding Battlefield 2042 scraps of images and that they have confirmed that the changes will not be made in time for publication. Henderson says there was a “consensus” among the developers he spoke to, as if to imply that this is an accepted reality for EA DICE.

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That’s not to say EA DICE isn’t working on fixes and optimizations for Battlefield 2042 on PC. On the contrary, Henderson says these developers think the state of the game “is as it is,” but only until after launch. That is, an update is in progress but will not be ready for release. It will be necessary to wait after launch, although it is not clear when this update will arrive.

It is worth saying that although Henderson is a reliable journalist, he does not provide much context for his reporting on the subject. For example, he does not mention whether the “developers” he consulted working on Battlefield 2042 or part of EA DICE. This is not to say that this report is unreliable, but rather that it should be approached with skepticism until there are further reports or an official statement on the matter.

In 2021, it should be assumed that a major AAA game will be released as Battlefield 2042 will not launch with serious technical issues and limitations. Corn Battlefield 2042 is in a curious place. EA has already delayed Battlefield more than he would like and delaying further could potentially ruin the franchise’s live service plans for its extended future. Let us add that the console versions of Battlefield 2042 are probably a much higher priority for EA and it’s easy to see how Battlefield 2042 on PC could take a back seat.

No matter how or why it got to this point, PC gamers have a question: is it worth picking up Battlefield 2042 if it still has frame rate issues at launch? This can be a situation where players should wait to see in-depth coverage of Battlefield 2042the technical limitations of on PC before making a purchase.

Battlefield 2042 releases November 17 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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