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Beach volleyball divides first day of Stetson Sun-N-Sand Invitational


Deland, Florida – The fourth-placed Seminoles (8-2) finished 1-1 after a rainy first day at the Stetson Sun-N-Sand Invitational. Due to the first game of the tournament being rain-delayed, the rest of the games were finalized after three match points. The invitational format played courts one, three and five first, followed by courts four and five if necessary.

FSU 1, USC 3

After a nearly two-hour rain delay, the Seminoles lost their second game of the season 3-1 to No. 2 USC.

Maddie Anderson and Brook Bauer lost the first match point of the day on the first court, losing 21-12, 21-13. Alaina Chacon and Madison Fitzpatrick saw similar results dropping short three to USC 21-16, 21-14.

On court five, Kate Privett and Raelyn White got the solo match point for the Seminoles. The pair came back from a first loss to win 19-21, 21-19, 15-8.

The match was finalized on court two after Morgan Chacon and Liz Waters-Leiga fell to USC 21-16, 21-17.

Caitlin Moon and Jordan Polo’s game was cut short after USC took the third point. The pair won the first set 22-20 before being sent off.

The Seminoles will have a chance to play USC again on April 16and at the Center of Effort Challenge in San Luis Obispo, California.

FSU 3, Tampa 0

The Seminoles bounced back from this morning’s loss to defeat Tampa 3-0. Florida State remains undefeated against Tampa and leads the series 5-0.

Kate Privett and Raelyn White picked up their second win of the day, beating Tampa 21-13, 21-15. The pair are now 8-1 this season and 7-0 on court five. Privett improved his record of five wins from the field to 53.

Maddie Anderson and Brook Bauer got the next match point on the first pitch. They tied Tampa in straight sets, 21-19, 21-16.

Alaina Chacon and Madison Fitzpatrick also redeemed themselves starting this morning and limited Tampa to just nine points in the first set and 13 in the second set.

Due to time constraints, the Jordan Polo/Caitlin Moon and Morgan Chacon/Liz-Waters-Leiga pairs did not have a chance to participate in the match.

Rating Summary – FSU 1, USC 3

  1. Tina Graudina/Hailey Harvard (USC) def. Maddie Anderson/Brook Bauer (FSU) 21-12, 21-13
  2. Megan Kraft/Sammy Slater (USC) defeated. Morgan Chacon/Liz Waters-Leiga (FSU) 21-16, 21-17
  3. Julia Scoles/Delaynie Maple (USC) def. Alaina Chacon/Madison Fitzpatrick (FSU) 21-16, 21-14
  4. Caitlin Moon/Jordan Polo (FSU) vs. Audrey Nourse/Nicole Nourse (USC) no result
  5. Kate Privett/Raelyn White (FSU) def. Mollie Ebertin/Sunny Villapando (USC) 19-21, 21-19, 15-8

Finishing order: Doubles (1,3,5,2)

Score Summary – FSU 3, Tampa 0

  1. Maddie Anderson/Brook Bauer (FSU) def. Julia Oswald/Rachel Rosequist (UT) 21-19, 21-16
  2. Kiersten Anderson/Payton Brunick (UT) vs. Morgan Chacon/Liz Waters-Leiga (FSU) no result
  3. Alaina Chacon/Madison Fitzpatrick (FSU) def. Melissa Elias/Maddie Hart (UT) 21-9, 21-13
  4. Katie McKiel/Sara Szalay (UT) vs. Caitlin Moon/Jordan Polo (FSU) no result
  5. Kate Privett/Raelyn White (FSU) def. Claire Overton/Valerie Rosequist (UT) 21-13, 21-15

Finishing order: Doubles (5,1,3)

Looking forward to

The Seminoles have one more game this weekend at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 13and against Stetson. The match will be broadcast live on ESPN+.

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