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Brooklyn Nets rolled the dice on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and got played


The Brooklyn Nets rolled the dice on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving three offseasons ago, but it’s clear that all they got was done.

Three offseasons ago, the Brooklyn Nets cleaned up free agency. Not only did they pull off the big splash of Kevin Durant’s inking, but they also added Kyrie Irving in the process. Two of the most wanted free agents of the summer signed with the Nets.

It was to kick off a new era of Nets basketball.

Even though Durant was to miss the majority of the 2019-20 NBA season due to an Achilles injury, the overwhelming opinion over the summer of 2019 was that the Nets were poised to be the next big super team. of the league.

At best, the Nets were looking to be the next dynasty. At worst, they would be a contender for the next 4-5 years. Fast forward to 2022, and almost none of that happened.

Brooklyn has only won one playoff series with Durant and Kyrie and is poised to lose both for pennies on the dollar. All in all, the Durant-Kyrie era in Brooklyn was a colossal disaster.

Not only did the Nets go all-in with Durant and Kyrie in roster terms (which is only natural), but they also went all-in with Durant and Kyrie from an organizational and decision-making process. Brooklyn would have given up historic levels of power and influence to Durant and Kyrie. And not just when it came to business in the field.

Brooklyn fired Kenny Atkinson, who was allegedly influenced by Durant and/or Kyrie. Brooklyn hired Steve Nash, who was reportedly influenced by Durant and/or Kyrie. And it goes on and on.

In a book by Matt Sullivan, there are details upon details upon details of all the power held by Durant and Kyrie. So much so that it was clear that their decision to play in Brooklyn was about more than just basketball.

The Nets went all-in on Durant and Kyrie hoping it would lead to at least a championship or at the very least a half-decade of relevance. Instead, it left them with two superstars whose commercial value isn’t very good.

Two superstars the Nets can’t seem to trade at the moment. The Nets are left with two superstars to whom they gave all the power and who are fighting to get it back.

The Nets played with fire and got burned.

Whatever the Nets choose to do with Durant and Kyrie going forward is likely to be a net loss. A playoff win. To say Durant and Kyrie didn’t work in Brooklyn would be a huge understatement. The 2019-22 Brooklyn Nets will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history. And it may take years for this franchise to recover.