Calm weather continues locally to begin 2021


EASTERN PROVIDENCE (WPRI) – So far, the weather in 2021 has been fairly calm in southern New England. Now, yes, it’s only the 11th day of the New Year, but the weather has been, well, average.

We had a day that hit 50 degrees, January 2nd, remember?

Four days only reached their upper 30s, with the remaining days between 40s and mid-40s.

The average temperature from January 1 to 6 is 38 degrees. It actually drops to 37 degrees from January 7-10.

You may recall that we had a wet start to the year. Light rain fell which started out like snow. A very similar situation occurred a few days later.

On top of that, we hardly saw anything in terms of rain or snow. We are also slightly below average for snowfall for this time of year.

We are just under 3 inches below normal for snowfall. It’s not a huge gap, but with each passing day that we don’t get snow the gap will only get bigger.

However, as we all know… it only takes one snowy event to change these numbers.

In the winter of 2014-2015, until then, we had 5.6 inches of snow. We ended the winter season with over 75 inches of snow.

Now, that isn’t a guarantee that this will happen, but it just gives an idea that just because things are calm now, doesn’t mean it will stay that way through the winter.

Stay with the Pinpoint Weather team for any forecast updates over the coming winter weeks!

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