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Cancer Kickin ‘Warrior: Roll the Dice on Cancer Free Life | Chroniclers


Since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to share some new drugs that have been developed to treat advanced breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NIH) published in the clinical trial, called MONALEESA-2, women treated with the CDK4 / 6 inhibitor ribociclib (Kisqali) and letrozole (Femara) as the initial treatment for advanced breast cancer lived approximately lived a year longer than women treated with letrozole alone.

Ribociclib is already approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an initial or first-line treatment (along with an aromatase inhibitor, such as letrozole) for postmenopausal women with advanced HR-positive and HER2 breast cancer. -negative. This approval was based on previous results from the MONALEESA-2 trial which showed that patients treated with ribociclib and letrozole lived longer without their cancer getting worse (progression-free survival), compared to those treated with letrozole alone.

Two other CDK4 / 6 inhibitors — palbociclib, Ibrance and abemacic — are also approved for the treatment of people with this same form of breast cancer, both based on large clinical trials in which the drugs have been shown to improve. progression-free survival. A CDK4 / 6 inhibitor in combination with a hormone-blocking drug is now the standard first-line treatment for postmenopausal women with this form of advanced breast cancer, explained CEO Dr Stanley Lipkowitz Ph.D. of Malignant Tumors in Women at the NCI Center. for cancer research.

Now that there is evidence that ribociclib improves the overall lifespan of patients, “this begs the question whether it should be the preferred CDK4 / 6 inhibitor for most of these patients,” said the Dr Lipkowitz. This shows that advances in curing breast cancer are continuing.

It has been 20 years since I was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer. At that time, I heard all kinds of bad things about chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other cancer treatments. I had a choice to try something and maybe beat it or do nothing and chances were I wouldn’t live. I told my doctor to hit me with aggressive chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well as bilateral mastectomy. There were times when I was as sick as a dog, BUT the outcome was worth it.

So if there is a cure or possible treatment for ANY disease, you might want to roll the dice and give it a shot. Who knows in 20 years you will write your story.

May God bless all of my fellow warriors.

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