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Connecticut site allows people to self-exclude from gambling


HARTFORD, Connecticut (AP) – The State of Connecticut has launched a new online portal that will allow people to voluntarily opt out of the opportunity to gamble.

The website, which is already active, comes as legalized sports betting is slated to go live on Oct. 7 in Connecticut and available both online and at locations across the state, including the two tribal casinos and 10 venues. Sportech.

“While it can be a form of entertainment that many people can enjoy, for others it can be a harmful addiction. The ability to voluntarily exclude yourself from these activities is one of the many tools available to help you, ”Ministry of Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull said in a statement.

People can choose to be added to the state’s gambling self-exclusion list for a year, five years, or their entire life. The names will remain on the list until someone requests to be removed. The website warns that gaming licensees may ban those on the list from accessing land-based properties as well as all of their online gambling, online sports betting, and all fantasy sports contests, including those located in other states.

The website also warns that those on the list could lose any reward points they might have earned in Connecticut and elsewhere.

“In the problem gambling community, self-exclusion is an essential step in helping addicts,” said Diana Goode, executive director of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, in a statement. “By creating a barrier to participation, it gives recovering people a much needed respite from triggers and reduces the likelihood of relapse.”

Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun, which will start offering sports betting and fantastic sports next month, have allowed people to self-exclude from tribal properties for years.