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CryptoGames Dice: Get your luck with the crowd favorite!


One of the most significant changes in the gaming world is certainly the merger of cryptocurrencies and online casinos. When reunited, they pave the way for a bright future for talented players. One of the all-time favorite online casinos on the internet is CryptoGames and today’s review will be on its most popular game, DICE!

All about the CryptoGames dice!

Since ancient times, a good dice game has been used to entertain children, teens, adults and even gamers. Six-sided cubes have also been used for many traditional ritual and entertainment purposes. The excitement that builds up when a dice is thrown or thrown on a surface is indescribable. It goes without saying that unlike the traditional outlook of the game, the crypto version of online casinos comes with a very clever design.

There is no sign of a cubic graphic form of the dice in the crypto version. There is also no rolling motion of the dice. This means that players cannot guess the outcome using the probability distribution method. This statistical method has been used for many years to predict the outcome of a dice game.

Behind the exquisitely crafted version of the dice:

The game of dice has nothing to do with the traditional game of luck and probability. Instead of using a simple cube with numbered sides, CryptoGames has brought a simple, modern version of the game. The crypto-oriented version of Dice offers a greater range and greater fidelity to potential outcomes. The range is between 0.000 and 99.999, which means that if you are lucky, you are sure to win some awesome rewards!

By far, Dice is one of the simpler casino games included in CryptoGames casino. The game is clearly fair, which means that all outcomes are treated fairly. This means that there is no possibility of cheating or altering the results of bets made in Dice. Along with the fairness policy, many new players are looking to Dice as their top casino game for the freedom it offers when placing bets. This means that since players are in total control of the amount they bet, payout, and other risk factors, it is easier for them to form a game plan.

The dice come with an exclusively low 1% house edge. VIP members can enjoy a 0.8% house advantage on Dice.

Perspectives :

In the CryptoGames version of Dice, players can manually adjust their payout and bet size before starting the game. They can also view their odds of winning as well as the outcome required to win the game. This helps them adjust their bet size carefully. One example of how chance to win and requirements display works is: If the payout amount is set to a minimum size of 1.02x, then the 92.254% chance to win is immediately displayed. Along with this, the result required to win for both conditions (when passed below or above) is displayed.

The objective of the Game:

Players should try to predict the correct outcome of the dice roll. This means that they have to correctly predict whether their lucky number will be above or below the given range to cast it. Here are some basic rules to know by heart before starting the game:

How to play dice:

By following these simple steps, we hope that any new player can master the rules of the game very easily!

  1. If you are new to the casino, first make sure you are fully registered. Then just deposit enough funds to your personal deposit address (be sure to check the minimum deposit amounts for cryptocurrencies) and wait for confirmation. Then, as soon as the transaction is complete, move on to the game.
  2. On the game page, you will see an almost board-like structure for the design of the game. There at the top you will see the necessary tabs to select the amount you want to bet in a single bet. Using this tab, enter the desired amount in the “Bet size” field.
  3. After that, right next to it, you will find a tab to select your payout multiplier. This can be a bit difficult to decide as the odds of winning the bet depend on your payout. It is therefore recommended to practice with smaller amounts at the beginning to get a clear idea of ​​the payoff multiplier. This is also why many players consider the win multiplier to be their lucky number. The range of the payout multiplier is between 0.000 and 99.999.
  4. Once you are done choosing your lucky multiplier number, you will find two numbers at the bottom of the table. Both options will display as “Roll Over-Number” and “Roll Under-Number”. You must choose one of these two to “roll” your dice and start the game. We suggest that you take a good look at your chances of winning and your multiplier before hitting any of them! And go with your instincts!
  5. As you make up your mind and finally roll your dice, a number is rolled as soon as you press the button. If your luck favors your odds, the number will fall within your chosen range. And you win the bet straight away and pocket the payout shown to you. But if luck is not on your side, then your placed bet is lost and you will lose the entire amount you wagered.

For gamers using a desktop device, CryptoGames has added the following keyboard shortcuts that users can use to play at ease!

Take advantage of the automatic bet:

Automatic betting is one of the unique features that the casino has designed for easier playing time! This feature allows you to configure your bets in the most convenient way for you! With the automatic bet feature, players can adjust the limit to their bet size, payout and how bets will be placed based on the change in balance. Making the best use of this feature indeed guarantees hassle-free betting for all levels of players!

Aim for the progressive jackpot for the dice!

In the CryptoGames casino, everyone has the chance to win bigger prizes thanks to the progressive jackpots! All players can win the Jackpot by simply fulfilling the following conditions when placing a bet on the dice:

  • Their roll of the dice is a definite winning result of 7.777 or 77.777
  • The last two digits of the server seed and the client seed combined and encrypted in SHA512 give a number 77 (the jackpot number on betID)
  • Bet amount and profit must be at least the stated amount (varies for all individual cryptocurrencies)
  • Winners will receive 100% of the jackpot if the winning amount is greater than the number shown. If their winnings are lower, they will receive a proportional share of the Jackpot with a minimum set at 1%.

List of cryptocurrencies to use for Dice!

CryptoGames has kept 9 of the latest cryptocurrencies in the casino for players to enjoy anytime! These currencies can be converted into credits for games. All players are free to convert any number of cryptocurrencies to fill their wallets with funds. However, there are limits to how much a player can spend to bet each time. This limit depends on the game and the currency. Here are the 9 currencies that can be found on CryptoGames to play dice:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ether
  • Classic Ether
  • Monero
  • Hyphen
  • GAS

Make sure you are fully registered at the casino and know the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount for a smoother transaction! Any amount less than that indicated will not be credited to any player’s account.

Here are the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts you need to make:

  • 0.0001 for Bitcoin
  • 0.01 for ether
  • 0.01 for Litecoin
  • 0.02 for classical ether
  • 20 for Dogecoin
  • 0.01 for Monero
  • 0.001 for Bitcoin Cash
  • 0.01 for the dash
  • 0.02 for GAS

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC or altcoin equivalent.

Deposit amounts are credited to player accounts after a single confirmation from the network. And for deposits made from an exchange, the process is a bit slower than any deposit made from a direct cryptocurrency wallet.

Take part in the most simplistic casino game and try your luck in the right place!

With all of the information presented above, we hope you have been well informed about CryptoGames’ version of the simplest game of chance, Dice. The game is as easy and straightforward as you would expect! From the freedom to create your own strategies to such rewards, Dice provides the best gaming experience for all players on board! With a completely different build, Dice’s version of CryptoGames has undoubtedly become our top choice for online casino games! So what are you waiting for! Join the crowd of the most promising players on CryptoGames and try your luck with the right dice game in the right place, today!