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Custom Elden Ring Frenzied Flame Dice Are Amazing


months later, Ring of Elden remains one of the biggest games of the year. There’s almost no competition for Game of the Year, in many ways, when it comes to awards like The Game Awards. Certainly, there are people who will consider games as neon white Where Kirby and the Forgotten Land like their personal GOTY, but overall, Ring of Elden greatly dominates.

Really, God of War Ragnarok may be the only game to truly compete Ring of Eldengiven the delays of games like star field. It should be noted that while both are popular games, one has been released and the other has not. It’s all in the gaming industry, and stylistically speaking, they’re very different games. In Ring of Eldenplayers will worry about endings, lore like Frenzied Flame and Three Fingers, builds, and more, more often.


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Its popularity can easily be seen everywhere. In fact, a Tiktok account known as Artyscrafts (self-proclaimed, mom by day, dice maker by night) made a Ring of Elden together Dungeons and Dragons table dice inspired by the frenzied flame. As they describe the dice, they are inspired by the current Artyscraft build in Ring of Elden and can be found on their Twitter, auctioned off.

The dice are mostly orange, with some areas of black, shades of red, and cracks. It perfectly matches the overall design of the Three Fingers, as well as the color scheme associated with the late Lord of Frenzied Flame. For anyone in love with Ring of Elden and/or those who enjoy that tidbit of knowledge, these dice make a great addition to the collection.

What’s more interesting is how extensive the lore around the Three Fingers really was, counting in the quest lines that were cut from the base game. For example, players will encounter the Ring of Elden the merchant Kale at the start of the game, and it turns out they were supposed to spawn in multiple locations, guiding players through a new quest.

In it, players would have learned that the Merchants worshiped the Three Fingers/Frenzied Flame, and that their Grand Caravan was destroyed when the Gold Order sealed the Three Fingers. This explains why merchants often used madness attacks in Ring of Elden too. Either way, there’s still plenty for this entire faction to do in Ring of Eldenand these dice celebrate it in the best possible way.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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