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DICE aware of Wallhack specialist capacity issues; Descriptions of in-game reporting tools listed


Last week, DICE revealed the latest set of Specialists and their abilities that will be available in Battlefield 2042 at launch. Out of the lot, the most concerning is that of South Korean specialist JI-SOO PAIK, who has a wallhack ability (called the EMG-X scanner) that describes everyone around her for a few seconds.

Needless to say, this ability has caused an uproar within the community given how overpowered (OP) it looks on paper and how easy it can be to abuse it. Fortunately, it seems DICE is aware of this, although we don’t know what changes are being made.

On Twitter, DICE technical designer Bruno Brito responded to a fan by reporting it and said “the guys already know”.

It’s via Twitter translate, so we linked to the tweet, and did a screenshot below:

This is definitely good news. While it’s a bit too late to roll back to Specialists for Battlefield 2042, DICE can tweak and adjust abilities as the game unfolds. Maybe they can reduce the ping radius of the wallhack? Or maybe it doesn’t last as long since it now lasts a full eight seconds for each activation.

Continuing with the news from Battlefield 2042, earlier this month EA announced the ‘Positive Play’ initiative for the game, which includes ways for players to report harassment and other inappropriate behavior on the part of the game. other players you meet in BF2042. Thanks to Battlefield’s reliable time dataminer, we now have a list of in-game reporting tool descriptions and the type of issues players can report! Note that this data is from the beta client, although we believe it will be the same for the full game at launch.

It seems to cover almost everything for the most part, right? Hopefully, gamers don’t need to use this feature a lot.

What do you want to see changed in relation to Paik’s wallhack capability? How do you think DICE can balance it among other specialists? Ring the bell and let us know in the comments below.

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