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Dice LA renames itself “Ripple Effect” continues to work on Battlefield 2042


Cole travis
in general | July 9, 2021

DICE is a company that many EA fans will recognize, being the source of the successful FPS Title Battlefield. After working on the series for so long, they decided to change gears after completing work on Battlefield 2042, and with that change of pace comes a new name for the company, as DICE LA is now going to be known as name of Ripple. Effects studios.

With a new name like Training effect, comes a new mission statement for the studio, according to Ripple Effect frontman Christian Glass “At Ripple Effect Studios, innovation and quality are at the forefront of every project, because even the smallest idea can change the world. This is the defining characteristic behind the new name of the studio.

Glass went on to explain the purpose of Ripple Effect, stating that over the past eight years of working as DICE, the team at DICE La has developed their own culture and looks to the future as Ripple Effect plans to become theirs. studio with their own identity, making the company more than just the developer of Battlefield. This break with corporate publishers like EA and Activision is something that a lot of developers have done, setting up their own studios, it has already happened with famous designer Hideo Kojima, when he left Konami, as well as the ‘Former Call of Zombies story director Jason Blundell. Although, although Ripple Effect continues to work with EA, it looks like the company will gain some independence to carry out the projects it wants to accomplish, with Battlefield 2042 being the company’s swan song.

The founder of Respawn Entertainment is here to oversee the construction of Ripple Effect. Another company born from an established developer, Infinity Ward, as the team responsible for the creation of Call of Duty split from the developer to create their own studio, where they developed the TitanFall series, as well as the creation. popular battle royale game, Apex Legends. Asked about Ripple Effect, founder of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella had this to say about the studio. “The studio has a great track record and is well on its way to becoming another stronghold of high-quality gaming. With an incredible new campus coming to Los Angeles and remote positions available, now is a great time to consider joining us.

Ripple Effect will still be at EA Play on July 22sd, which would include a possible reveal of a Dead Space remake, as well as more information on the upcoming Battlefield 2042. However, other than Glass and Zampella in attendance for the segment, the “Future of FPS” ripple effect will go to show off the “long-awaited next major experience” during the showcase. What this could be is up for debate, it is possible that Ripple Effect and Respawn have collaborated behind the scenes and are working on a possible Titanfall 3, which could be good news for fans seeing that the company has been in the game. hot water with their handling of cheats on both titles, enough for gamers to hack Apex Legends to voice their concerns about the FPS series.

However, this is all speculation. The player will not know what is the next step for Ripple Effect until EA Play, until then all players have to start from the name and their mission statement.