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Dice Legacy is a luck-based roguelike that puts you in charge of an entire city


Dice Legacy, a unique roguelike town builder in which success or failure can literally boil down to a roll of the dice, has just been presented at the Future Games Show powered by WD_BLACK.

The trailer above shows your colony, located on a mysterious ringworld. Arriving by boat, your citizens will begin their lives as peasants, but each roll of the dice will help chart their course as they grow into wealthy merchants, mighty soldiers, or wise priests. As with many city builders, you will have to manage resources and build defenses to protect your people from the harsh winters and the mysterious forces of the ringworld.

But where Dice Legacy differs from other city builders is in its roguelike elements. Your different subjects are represented by different dice – keep them satisfied (and most importantly, alive), and with any luck you can use them to fight off the cold and any invading enemy factions. The dice can be used to gather resources and construct buildings and other units, but as any tabletop game veteran can attest, sometimes the reels just don’t come out the way you want them to, and it will be your rulebook that will pay the price.

Thankfully, the roguelike twist of Dice Legacy means you’ll be able to start over, adapting your playstyle with each new attempt to fit every procedurally generated landscape you find yourself stranded in. As you progress through multiple attempts, you will be able to unlock a number of different rules and encounter different starting conditions to determine your preferred approach, and gradually piece together the mysteries that await you across the ring. , hidden in the mists beyond your colony.

With a charming and vibrant art style that evokes classic board games and a unique take on two hugely popular genres, Dice Legacy is definitely one to watch. While there is currently no exact release date, developer DESTINYbit has confirmed a PC release date via Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as Nintendo Switch, later this summer. To make sure you stay up to date, you can list the game through its Steam page at present.

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