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DICE offers the player a free copy of “Battlefield 2042” for a unique challenge


DICE gave a player on Twitter a free copy of Battlefield 2042, if they can complete the BF V challenge on a one-inch screen.

Mp1st, spotted the unusual interaction that took place on Twitter earlier this week. Twitter user @ THE_KOLIBRI1 tweeted a video of Battlefield running on a one inch screen.

DICE developer Niklas Ã…strand, who has worked on many games in the series, then responded to the Tweet.

The challenge that strand refers to is a very specific Easter Egg that requires a lot of players to complete. The challenge requires players to complete a number of steps, including spelling a word in Morse code, equipping specific items and weapons, and chasing a gnome.

Players are rewarded with the Eidolon skin at the end of the quest, although a Twitter user can also claim the additional reward of a free copy of Battlefield 2042 when it launched later this year.

This is not the first time that DICE has adopted the Battlefield community. Battlefield 2042The first major reveal trailer included a return to RendeZook, a player who managed to RPG another throw in the air, before returning to his own jet.

EA announced Battlefield 2042 just before E3 2021 this year. The next entry in the series will feature 128-player combat, dynamic weather conditions, and a new grappling hook.

For the first time in the series, Battlefield 2042 will also feature AI robots. DICE recently announced that bots will be used to ensure halls stay full.

In other gaming news, Death by the light of day hit its highest concurrent player count this week after a Steam sale and a four-year anniversary.

The all-time high came alongside a number of in-game events and items that celebrated the game’s fifth anniversary.