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Dismantled online gambling sites


Screenshot of Ufa25HR’s Facebook page.

Police arrested eight suspects operating three gambling sites with more than 100 million baht in monthly circulation, during a raid in Chon Buri province on Tuesday.

Officers from the Cyber ​​Security Police Task Force and Provincial Police Region 2 searched a two-storey house in Tambon Ban Suan, Muang District,

They were acting on a report that an unusually high number of people were entering and leaving the premises, and all windows were covered.

The team had a search warrant issued by the Chon Buri Provincial Court.

They discovered that the house served as a center for administering online gambling sites. Five men and three women, aged 19 to 31, found at the scene were arrested. Seven computers and 29 mobile phones were seized for examination as evidence.

According to investigators, the eight suspects worked as administrators for three online gaming sites – Naza619, Ufa25HR and Ufa4k.

Computer data showed that these sites had more than 100,000 members in total and the operation had 100 million baht worth of bets in circulation each month.

The suspects were taken to Chon Buri police station for prosecution. They reportedly said they each received a monthly payment of 12,000 to 15,000 baht to provide information to customers and oversee their transactions. They refused to give information about those responsible for the operation.

Provincial Police Region 2 chief Major General Teeradet Thammasutee said he was able to gather enough evidence to expand the investigation.