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Don’t bet on changing gambling companies with paltry fines | Gambling


A £9.4m fine for betting companies is peanuts (Report, March 1). A more appropriate fine would be something like double the total emoluments (salary, pension and bonuses) paid to senior executives and company boards in the previous two years. Biting fines could produce better behavior – and not just in the betting industry.
Ted Pawley
Milton Keynes

While I can support a Hippocratic oath for engineers and scientists (Letters, March 1), I believe MPs should publicly declare that they will act with probity and with the highest standards of integrity in representing of their constituencies and in the exercise of their functions in government. . A simple extension of the oath of allegiance to the crown should suffice.
Charlie Leventon
Shrewsbury, Shropshire

I can’t think of anyone less deserving of a radio show than Mary Whitehouse. To suggest that she was ahead of her time is laughable (Ahead of Her Time? Program Reassesses Mary Whitehouse’s Legacy, March 1). She was a conservative of Victorian values ​​who never questioned the morality of the upper classes. The program will appeal to those nostalgic for Margaret Thatcher, who admired Whitehouse. Both were false moralists.
Ronald Byrne

I first visited Ceredigion as a child in the 1950s. I remember when my family walked into a shop people chatting in Welsh would often switch to English out of politeness (Letters, 1 March ).
Tim Scott

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