Esports Entertainment Group moves closer to New Jersey gaming license


Games company listed on NASDAQ Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) I have seen game licenses approved by. New Jersey Gaming Executive (DGE) The company announced Monday.

The approval notice allows EEG to begin submitting software to New Jersey regulators for testing and to request a waiver of commercial rights. After passing the DGE test, the license allows the EEG to serve the bettor in the Garden State. This includes the bookmaker, which focuses on esports.

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The company plans to accept its first bet in New Jersey by the end of the first quarter fiscal year.

Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment GroupCommented on the release announcement: “This is a big step forward for us in our growth strategy in the United States, as more than 50% of esports fans in the United States are likely to participate in esports betting, according to a survey by the Interpret data company. I am convinced that the demand is strong.

“It’s very exciting to have access to the market, which is currently the largest sports betting market in the United States, and we are in talks with partners and regulators in other jurisdictions to continue our plans to expansion.”

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October 2020, EEG announcement Agreement It will acquire both Helix eSports company and B2B software provider ggCircuit for a deal worth around $ 43 million. Two months ago, the gambling operator signed. Letter of Intent Buy the organizer of the Esports Gaming League (EGL) event.

Since these two transactions, EEG has set out to expand its partnership into the company’s new business unit, the traditional sports sector. It came in the form of deals with the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Craft Sports, Los Angeles Kings and more.

Esports Insider Comments: Following this news, Esports Entertainment Group is one step closer to serving Garden State esports bettors. Prior to its debut in the United States, the company was active enough to prioritize national partnerships in traditional sports and esports.

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Esports Entertainment Group moves closer to New Jersey gaming license

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