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Fair City’s Carol Set to Confront Anto for Gambling Addiction


FAIR City’s Carol is about to confront Anto about his gambling addiction.

The postman denied his gambling problem and had some problems from the start.


Carol is about to confront Anto about his game
Anto went after Carol yesterday


Anto went after Carol yesterday
Sharon wonders what's going on with Anto


Sharon wonders what’s going on with Anto

He had to get a loan from his daughter Hayley to pay Carol back after he decided to have a romantic meal for Sharon.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Anto apologized to Sharon for lashing out.

Anto refunded some of Hayley’s money but continued to lie to her.

Carol noted Anto’s exchange with Hayley. Anto told Carol that he followed horses just for fun.

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Anto told Sharon more lies to convince her.

Last night, Anto was relieved to have Sharon back on track.

Anto played down his betting habit to Jon.

Anto reacted badly when Carol innocently pointed out that he had seen him again at the bookies.

Anto lied to Carol to cover up his outburst.

Anto hid his latest victory from Sharon and Hayley.

Carol realized that Anto lied to her about her acting.

On Sunday, Carol discovers that Anto also lied to his family about money.

Carol gets more information about Anto’s game from Jon.

Carol confronts Anto about his gambling.

Carol backtracks when Sharon walks into her confrontation with Anto.

Anto assures Carol that he is in control of his bets.

Anto assures Carol that her concern is unfounded. Carol decides to find out the extent of Anto’s game.


Meanwhile, Joan gives no praise when Dearbhla gets a corporate catering contract.

Joan and Dearbhla argued a lot and more recently Joan was shocked when she found out about Dearbhla’s affair with Damien.

However, her son Cian explained to his mother Joan that he and Dearbhla had an open relationship – something she did not approve of at all.

Last night Dearbhla smugly told Joan that she was considering moving in with Cian.

On Sunday, Dearbhla assures Cian that she can handle Joan.

Joan rejects Cian’s suggestion to start over with Dearbhla.

Cian makes his choice between Dearbhla and Joan.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Pete continues to tease Doug about his phobia.

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Doug saves Hughie from a bad argument with an electric scooter.

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