FEEDBACK: Here’s what you had to say about this week’s news


At the bottom of all of our local stories, readers now have the option to submit comments. Here’s what BayToday readers have to say about what made the news last week:

August 19:

Postal voting is coming to Callander?

“This won’t end well. Postal voting is a fraud magnet. Just look at how circus the 2020 US election was. Millions of unsolicited ballots sent to names on electoral rolls who had not been properly held in well over a decade. Any result of an election conducted in this manner will be angrily contested by the losing side, and with good reason. “
– Bob L.

August 18:

Toronto’s homeless move north, some to Barrie

“Well, I know for sure that the social workers in Toronto and on welfare did give a lot of people a bus ticket and said to go to North Bay, they will put you up. We don’t have housing for the people who have lived here (some of their entire lives) and our mental health system is overloaded. A very reliable source told me. The new homeless people here tell a lot of people.
– Shariel M.

Locals call for papal apology following residential school tragedy

“Thank you Judge Valin. You have really given me hope on the path to reconciliation. I too, being a Catholic, I am so ashamed and I rightly believe that Pope Francis should come to Canada. cost, well the coffers of the Catholic Church have filled up on the backs of all Canadians and surely to God they can afford the cost of a plane ticket and a hotel stay. he comes as a poor man like the rest of us, that he humbles himself so that all can see. Thank you Judge Valin; This is what must be done. “
– Jocelyne S.

“Moving on is something that the natives must do as the Jews, blacks and many other races did because of the cruelty they saw, endured and still are.

These massive graves were a horrific find.

Many have found their answers and honoring these children by communities and indigenous peoples would be something they would like.

Lots of changes over the past 50 to 100 years and yes hate both ways are barriers that have to be broken over and over again.

Will there ever be peace between all races, religions, nationalities?

Maybe in the generations to come.

It is the way we behave, talk with and to others, raise our children that will tell.

What I have seen and heard from many is shameful because they blame others for their failures. “
– JP

August 17:

Residents who served in Afghanistan react to Taliban takeover

“My heart and my prayers are with these people and these desperate times in Afghanistan. “
– Léona D.

August 16:

Opinion: Saying “I’m not homophobic” doesn’t mean your comment isn’t

“With all due respect to the author, while I’m sure there have been some homophobic comments, it is misleading to portray all comments as such.

To pretend that someone who thinks pride is not worthy of the grant over other causes is somehow homophobic is complete nonsense. People are allowed to have funding priorities that don’t match the authors.

Funding for the Pride Committee can be important to members of that committee or members of this community, but it is of little use to those who do not participate, who constitute the majority of our community as a whole. Directing funding to efforts that serve a larger portion of the community or that are more urgent is not homophobic, this funding still benefits the LGBTQ community as much as everyone and is therefore a more equitable use of funds. and provides better value. “
– James D.

“You did well up to your comments about the homeless. Wanting money to go to the homeless is not racist, homophobic or discriminatory. There are white, black, native, homeless, LGBTQ + and immigrants. I can honestly say I tried to help the homeless by supporting the Gathering Place, I stopped and talked to a homeless person while I was donating money and saw one outside a Timmy’s. a dozen. I didn’t run over anyone on my way home to write this review. When you comment, you will best support North Bay Pride by stating facts instead of accusations. Positive dialogue, not stones, will make us all better. “
– RW

Opinion: Dave Dale: Politicians weave a tangled web

“There could be some good to come out of the election. The Liberals” could “lose power and Trudeau” could “do the honorable thing and resign as leader of the Grits. Sadly, Trudeau and Honor are not going. peer. main. In this constituency, Rota may have opposition, as people are fed up with his soft talk about the greatness of us liberals – he is president. Trahan might surprise the liberals. He is not just a policeman of the Liberals. longtime, but also a former volunteer firefighter. One thing that has come out of the pandemic is that people love their first responders. In the last election, Mark King resigned from the Council to run (People’s Party) and came in 5th on the ballot. Robertson will probably do better (can’t do worse) but as the NDP candidate he will have the chance to take third place. Ultimately we can expect a minority government and there will be little or no improvement no matter who forms the next government. ruling party will give us a whole new round of scandals to turn away from the 4th wave. “
– RW

August 15th :

Tiny Homes likely won’t see the light of day in South River

“No vision, no vision for the future, stuck in compliance, even old same old. How does this work for you? There is definitely a need and a market for small homes. Maybe the people who have a good standard of living are not the best at saying what is best for the other.

Spend 7 minutes and watch this video on the value of mini houses in a community. Also read the comments.

50 homes on 5 acres. 250 square feet / sq. Ft. Each. Be great housing for students, seniors, homeless, veterans, departure homes, newcomer housing, etc. The income of more than 50 people supports the local economy. I’m sure many local towns and villages could budget for a pilot project if the will is there. When you consider that the government often gives builders about $ 250,000 to build additional units for low-cost housing, the roughly 30,000 it would cost to build those units seems like a good deal. There is more than one reality these days. It’s time to think sideways. “
-David R.

“I think this story shows how short-sighted municipalities are when it comes to Tiny Homes. First of all, we’re constantly changing building codes and that could easily be adjusted to encompass Tiny Homes and make life much more affordable for the working poor on minimum wage. Four plexes are worse because there is no pride in owning. Tiny Homes means you own it and will take care of it … and give you an interest in your surroundings and your community Taxes may also reflect this …. townships would win with Tiny Homes … It seems Calgary had no problem setting up Tiny Homes for Veterans. .. they found a way … Think about it South River … you are making a big mistake. “
– Jocelyne S.

August 14:

August 13:

Craft educating yourself in the NCAA

“There was a time when I wanted to play in the OHL. Growing up in North Bay with the Battalion in our backyard, this was definitely the path I wanted to take, but school has always been an important thing to me. go to school and graduate and play at a high level of varsity hockey – to have the opportunity to continue to grow as a player – I hope to reach that higher level after my career here.
This is the declaration of a well-bred, well-trained athlete who has a secure future. “
– CM

Victims of dog attacks are always traumatized and “devastated” by the assault. The family feels abandoned by local agencies

“At the very least, hopefully all of the crew on this ship are coordinated in one way or another.

It is difficult to understand from afar how a dog running away, attacking a much smaller dog on a leash as the little thing had to be shot, and attacking the person walking the little creature, does not lead to accusations.

Thanks to BayToday for keeping us posted on this.

There is enough horror in our day to day life right now that it seems like it can be resolved quickly. “
– SV

“There is a settlement with a fine of $ 5,000 for cats that are not on a leash. My daughter’s Jack Russell was gored by a Sheppard in a park. There was a dog hunt to bring it down. “animal. Same thing if a dog bites a child. Nothing is done about this situation ??? It is criminal and shameful for the NB authorities. This dog must be shot and the handler charged.”
– New Jersey

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