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Gambling expenses should provide a sobering warning



Now more than ever, he believes the federal government must implement strong harm minimization measures, including a ban on online gambling advertising. He says betting limits must also be linked between applications, in real time, to effectively limit daily losses.

Sportsbet proved to be one of Australia’s biggest advertisers last week. Australia’s largest online bookmaker spent $ 139 million on advertising and sponsorship in 2020, according to an investor presentation by its UK owner Flutter last week. Flutter has announced a significant increase in revenue for the first six months of this year, compared to the same period last year, including a “phenomenal” performance in Australia.

Three years ago, the federal government introduced a “siren to siren” ban on betting ads on live sports broadcasts between 5am and 8:30 pm, but critics warn that bookies have simply moved their ads to d other top-notch family programming during prime time. .

Alliance for Gambling Reform chief lawyer Reverend Tim Costello has called for a ban on gambling advertising as Italy has done. At the very least, he says advertising should be banned during prime-time family shows to protect children especially from being “prepared” to play.

He says the “mermaid to mermaid” ban failed and bored young men with no gambling history created a new market of sports bettors now being targeted by a “tsunami” of advertising.


There are many other activities that are much better than playing online as a remedy for stress and boredom. But while having a beat has some appeal, the Herald would advocate taking the time to set clear limits.

If the growth of online gambling turns out to have social consequences, the argument for sensible reform may need to be considered.

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