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Georgia couple dies of COVID the same day the virus rips through the state


A Georgia couple who simultaneously died of COVID have become the youngest victims of the disease in a state hard hit by the pandemic.

Edwin McCullers, 66, and his wife Linda McCullers.58, died on Saturday, August 28, at Memorial Hospital in Bainbridge, Georgia. The couple owned several local shops in town Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia. These included Flint River Outfitters, which sells outdoor gear as well as hunting and fishing gear, and Linda’s hair salon.

On Facebook, Bainbridge local and friend of the McCullers, Jay Wells wrote: “Edwin and his dear wife, Linda McCullers, were two of the hardest working people I have ever known. They have built several very successful companies over the years, but they always took the time to look after each customer personally.

“They really appreciated every person who came through the front door. I have known them both for decades and have been blessed to call them friends.”

The statement was made on the social media site by dozens of reports, according to a report WSB-TV Atalanta.

The broadcaster also reported that it was the McCuller’s family who revealed that the couple had died as a result of COVID. The family also requested that the guests attending the joint obituary wear masks. The couple’s memorial service takes place privately.

Corresponding The New York Times COVID tracker, Decatur County’s COVID deaths have been down in the past 14 days but still remain extremely high. COVID-related deaths in the county have remained the same, about four every two weeks, while hospital admissions have increased 62 percent since June.

A recent report from the Georgia Department of Health found that beds in the state’s intensive care unit were over 95 percent full and the state is considered one of the most severely affected by the virus in the southern United States.

About one in six Decatur residents has been infected since the pandemic began, with the total number of cases reported in the county at 4,079. 66 deaths have occurred from the virus.

As in Georgia as a whole, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that cases in Decatur County are so high that even vaccinated citizens wear masks in public. The CDC recommends that travelers avoid traveling to Georgia whether or not they are fully vaccinated.

The McCuller’s friend concluded by noting the couple’s positive impact on the small community of Bainbridge of just 13,000 residents. Wells said, “The McCullers have done many good things for Bainbridge and Decatur County.

“Your legacy will live on in the many young people who have learned the value of hard work and the right treatment of people by eating, sleeping and breathing.”

An archive image shows a healthcare worker holding a hospital patient’s hand. On the same day, a married couple in Georgia died of COVID.
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