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Han Solo’s golden dice have a new Star Wars story


star wars has always been known for some iconic accessories. Lightsabers are the most important part of the franchise, as they represent specific Jedi and their connection to the Force. However, there are a ton of other important elements to the franchise. Some of the most recognizable include: Darth Vader’s helmet, Padme’s necklace, Yoda’s cane and Luke’s training remote. These elements are great for marketing purposes, but often they mean something specific and drive the plot forward.

Another accessory that has become very recognizable is the pair of golden dice that Han Solo kept in the Millennium Falcon. They only appeared once in the original trilogy, but since then dice have become awfully important. Now in Han Solo and Chewbacca #2 (by Marc Guggenheim, David Messina, Alex Sinclair and Joe Caramagna of VC), star wars pieced together how Han Solo came to acquire the dice game.

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The pair of dice first appeared in A new hope, but they had no history. Eventually, the Legends continuity ruled that Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon using exactly this set of dice. They were notoriously absent in BSE and RotJbut they made their comeback the force awakens. Dice have become an even bigger deal, however, in The Last Jediwhen Luke Force cast them for Leia, in remembrance of Han.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the company didn’t change anything about the early dice story. The visual dictionary of the force awakens confirmed that Han used the dice to win the Falcon in “Corellian Spike”, a variation of Sabacc. However, when Solo: one star History of wars came out, he threw a wrench in the story. The film showed that Han already had the dice as a young man on Corellia. After that, there was no mention of dice until now.

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Han Solo and Chewbacca the comic series takes place between Solo and the original trilogy. During this time, the pair (and famed bounty hunter Greedo) were working as smugglers for Jabba the Hutt, but this particular assignment proved to be a problem. Nothing went as planned, and they don’t know much, Star Wars’ version of Iron Man began stalking them. To complicate matters further, Han just met a man named Ovan, who claimed to be his father.

While Han was skeptical at first, this definitely sounds like Ovan, his father. Ovan told a peculiar story about Han in his childhood past, and he even had a holo image of himself giving Han the famous golden dice. Although it’s possible that Ovan is an impostor, the holo-image confirms Solo retcon of how Han acquired the dice. He didn’t win them from Lando Calrissian; they were a gift from his father. So while Han pretends not to be sentimental, he is only pretending. As a gift from his father, it’s clear the dice meant something to him as he kept them for years

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