Home Depot installed the wrong carpet on my stairs. How do I get a refund?


After Home Depot laid the wrong carpet on Monica Krupinski’s stairs, she asks for a refund or a repair. But is it also entitled to it? And if so, how does she get it?


I recently bought a new rug for my house at Home depot. After just a few weeks, the carpet on the floor looked really worn out.

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I contacted the installation company that worked with Home Depot who sent a manager to look at the stairs. He agreed that the wear and tear was “excessive”.

I contacted Home Depot. A representative assured me that the carpet was under warranty. But he also said the rug I had was the wrong rug for stairs.

I still owe Home Depot $ 600 for this rug. At this point I want to remove the carpet. Shouldn’t Home Depot take responsibility? I want the company either to remove the carpet and replace it with something suitable for stairs or to refund the money. Can you help me? – Monica Krupinski, Parlin, New Jersey


Home Depot should have the right carpet installed on your stairs. By the time it discovered the bug, it should have removed the carpet and refunded your purchase.

But you could also have asked me how useful it is to have carpeted stairs. It’s a bad idea. My parents decided to do it and the result was a disaster. Stairs are very busy, so they get dirty and trampled. We also had the added benefit of a cat who decided the stairs were their territory and tagged them. So they were dirty and smelled bad.

Your problem got worse over time. It was a full five months between installing and filing your complaint. The longer you wait, the more “out” a company has when you ask for a refund or retry. Chances are you’ve seen evidence that carpeting wouldn’t work much sooner. I would have advised you to say something sooner rather than later.

You could have climbed the stairs at Home Depot to solve this case, starting with the customer service manager and then following the steps in the company hierarchy, like on the one below Contacts with Home Depot executives Page on my consumer page.

Removing the wrong carpet

I contacted Home Depot on your behalf. The company claims that they have already reviewed your case, which means your first contact may have worked. Home Depot has refunded your purchase. Next time, go with the hardwood floors.