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How Do the Pass Rush and Secondary Go ‘Hand in Hand’ with Forcing Turnovers?


A key to Sunday’s win in Kansas City was scoring touchdowns in the red zone, allowing the Chargers to put 30 points on the board for the first time in this young season. On Monday, Staley talked about what led to the success in the ‘red-area’ for the Chargers.

“I really like the way we ran the football,” Staley said. “I think that’s gotta be a part of your strategy [in the red zone] having some runs with pass solutions, whether it’s from under the center or in shotgun. I like the way that we trended, and you need to score versus [the Chiefs].”

Staley talked about right tackle Storm Norton’s performance and how Norton used the help of veteran players like Bryan Bulaga and Corey Linsley as resources. Together, they were able to develop a game plan to slow down the Chiefs’ top defensive linemen, especially Chris Jones.

“I felt like Storm really responded [on Sunday] by his fundamentals, his technique,” he said. “Ifelt like Storm really competed in the game and gave us a chance and I think that’s an exciting sign for him and a lot of young guys like him. I felt like he allowed Justin [Herbert] to really have some clean pockets in some big moments yesterday.”

Moving to another key piece of the Chargers offensive line, Staley talked about the important duo in center Linsley and Herbert. He explained how vital it is to have a high caliber center like Linsley to the success of the Bolts offense.

“When you’ve got one of the best centers in the game playing, it’s gonna help you play better as a quarterback. I love those guys teaming up because when you play in a hostile environment like the one we just played in the other day, you need those two central controllers to command your offense and I’m glad we have both those guys.”