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How to Choose the Right Ethereum Gaming Sites


Cryptocurrency has become a frequent choice for gaming platforms in 2021, so the only question is: what are the best options for a dedicated crypto player? If you’re interested in playing with Ethereum, head over to https://ethereumgambles.com for the best ETH gaming sites and news, or stay here for the most recent guidelines and recommendations.

Most Recommended Ether Casino Platforms in 2021

As a virtual currency becomes mainstream, many big betting platforms are starting to offer innovative payment methods and faster withdrawal options. However, most of the big websites still deal exclusively with Bitcoin, as it takes time to build a business around many types of cryptocurrency. Although Bitcoin is quite popular, it is also very expensive and not exactly stable; Additionally, transactions tend to take longer than ETH or LTC payments.

For players who prefer fast payouts and maximized growth rates, experts have found the most reliable casino sites with a large number of licensed and unique games, as well as Ether support. Remember that an ETH-supporting e-wallet is required to participate in Ether transactions. It is not possible to withdraw Ethereum with a regular credit card or fast payment service!

7-bit casino

A perfect choice for users who prefer mobile gaming as 7-bit is aimed at users of portable devices, and it shows. Not only does this make betting on ETH easier than ever with easy-to-follow guides and conversion rates, but depositing on Ether becomes profitable with occasional custom bonuses! Expect rewards of up to 250% or more and tons of spins just for choosing Ethereum.

Another notable detail is the tournament system which offers even more excitement and leads to a quick way to multiply your ETH winnings. Unlike many official apps, 7bit makes the full collection of games and events accessible from a smartphone, so users can’t get enough of this sleek, content-laden app. Crypto withdrawals are fully supported – not only in Ether but other altcoins as well – and take up to 1-2 hours on normal days.


The casino offers a solid collection of games, as well as a generous and unique bonus system that will satisfy any user, regardless of the preferred payment method. With extremely fast and well organized checkouts, this is one of the most comfortable and certified sites for Ethereum gambling. Customers can experience the vibes of a real casino while watching their hand in a game of poker or picking a lucky spin with roulette. Live versions of favorite games, with a professional dealer, are accessible 24/7, with all measures to ensure fair play in place.

Customers who choose blockchain currency as their primary method of transaction will quickly understand the benefits of BitStarz bonus programs, as they offer many rewards, even for the smallest deposits. Each deposit promotion is associated with a bunch of free spins, so the opportunities to secure a profit increase dramatically. The only problem with BitStarz is that it is only available through the VPN game for US customers. If you are connecting to the main site in the US, be sure to continue using the VPN for the entire session, or consider switching to a different platform altogether.

Bet online

One of the most famous online platforms for betting and gaming, BetOnline combines 100% security and extreme gaming comfort for US users. Even though the site cannot boast of the largest collection of apps, the existing games are exceptionally well made. To discover the exclusive collection, a new user must create an account, as the platform does not offer free demos.

Once you’ve signed up and got used to the unique playstyle, be careful and don’t skip the hugely generous promotion offer. For now, BetOnline rewards users who pay with ETH with a 100% bonus. It may not seem like so much, but the supply limiter is $ 1000: perfect for big players used to high risk, massive wins! ETH withdrawals are accessible from day one and withdrawals are guaranteed in full compliance with US gambling policy. The only two drawbacks are the complete absence of any method of payment by credit card, as well as the permanent inaccessibility for residents of New Jersey.

Choosing a site for the Ethereum game

Although ETH is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, contested only by BTC, it is still a relatively new payment method. Compared to established currencies backed by banks, it may appear less secure, as well as more suitable for financial schemes and speculation.

Unfortunately, the crypto casino segment cannot be characterized as fraud-free at this time. Even the biggest platforms get caught committing crypto crimes and manipulating exchange rates to their advantage, and the number of smaller sites set up for the sole purpose of stealing cryptocurrency is huge. Keeping everything on the same trusted casino site gets boring after a while. It’s not uncommon for even the most loyal gamers to start looking for new options, as well as better deals.

With ETH gaming, the list of games, the overall style of the site, and the reward programs are just a matter of taste. Here’s what you need to watch out for when looking for a new Ether-powered casino:

  1. When trying to register with a larger casino site, sometimes you may find yourself on a clone site. It will have the exact same design and the same offers (in fact, the offers could be slightly better), but the address in the URL bar will be a little odd. This can happen if you travel through a link on a dedicated forum or information blog that does not have a solid reputation. The problem will come out with the first withdrawal, as the support staff will need to inform you that the system is not holding your account at all.
  2. Many promising websites are banned forever in certain areas, such as many states in the United States, or even nationwide. This happens due to licensing issues and legal conflicts and is never reversed, so there is no point in waiting. It would be one thing if these sites were still inaccessible in blocked regions. But users are often free to browse, play demos, create accounts, and even track payments – until suddenly, on the first withdrawal, the account is locked out for good.
  3. Reviews and promises. The easiest way to check if the platform is trustworthy is to compare the sweetest promises with the opinions of the user base. With Ethereum withdrawals, look at average payment times. 1-3 days is boring but generally realistic. 1 to 2 hours is fine but should be rechecked. If the declared payment deadline for withdrawals is 10-15 minutes, or if the owners report that outgoing transactions occur immediately, exit the site and go directly to the review section. The best you can hope for here are extremely long payouts of up to weeks and months for unspecified technical reasons.

Once you are done inspecting the site for fraud, take the time to study the bonus program. Some websites offer great welcome rewards, but don’t provide specific ETH bonuses after that. Other sites rely heavily on Ether and other cryptos, so they will do everything possible to provide cryptocurrency holders with exclusive offers.


While it can always be difficult to find a perfect ETH betting site that is also safe, it is getting better and more secure platforms with crazy promotions are becoming available. When choosing a new site, the visitor should check their security for themselves – or rely on universal choices for their geographic area.