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How to stream “Cry Macho” on the same day it hits theaters


Scream macho continues streaming now HBO max. Check out this new box office hit from the comfort of your home when you sign up for HBO Max (ad-free).

Another new film premiere in the HBO Max Ad Free to plan, Scream macho follows an unusual couple on a trip from Mexico to Texas. As their difficult – and often unexpected – expedition drags on, this duo of boys and rodeo sensation learn about themselves, each other and salvation.

Where to see

You can stream Scream macho today, 17th of September—On the same day as its release in theaters — when you sign up for HBO Max ad-free. To the $ 14.99 / month, enjoy brand new movies like Scream macho, Malignant, and more. Click here learn more about it same-day premieres, and start to look today.

About the film: “From Warner Bros. Pictures is the uplifting and poignant drama ‘Cry Macho,’ directed by director / producer Clint Eastwood. The film stars Eastwood as Mike Milo, a former rodeo star and exhausted horse breeder who took a job from an ex-boss in 1979 to bring the man’s young son home from Mexico. Forced to take the back roads on their way to Texas, the unusual couple is faced with an unexpectedly challenging journey on which the world-weary rider finds unexpected connections and his own sense of redemption. ”-Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube


  • Clint Eastwood
  • Eduardo Minett
  • Dwight Yoakam
  • Natalia Traven
  • Fernanda Urrejola
  • Horacio Garcia-Rojas