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Legal-Bay Pre-Settlement Funding Announces Same-Day Funding Program for Select Cases


Leading litigation finance firm dedicated to providing the fastest service and best rate guarantee in the following cases: Uber and Lyft car accidents, California wildfires, Round-Up litigation, hernia mesh cases (select) and sexual abuse cases clergy (selected).

SAN FRANCISCO, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Legal-Bay, the pre-settlement funding company, announced an increase in Uber and Lyft accidents as people get back on the road and ride-sharing is in demand again. Unfortunately, more people on the road means more accidents. Legal-Bay is stepping up its efforts for plaintiffs who need financing with not only same-day availability on select cases, but also a Best Rate Guarantee.

Most states require commercial insurance to operate an Uber or Lyft driver, and passengers are usually covered by these policies even if their Uber driver is not at fault. Due to all of these factors, lawsuits from Uber and Lyft have reached an all-time high, according to Legal-Bay.

Chris JanischLegal-Bay CEO, says, “As America opens up and people resume their social lives, the need for ridesharing has increased, which has led to more traffic accidents. However, Covid has slowed down the courts so dramatically that customers are having to wait a long time to get their cases resolved. Due to increased demand, we have expanded our list of funding states on the same day along with a best price guarantee.”

If you are a plaintiff with an active Uber or Lyft lawsuit and need an immediate cash advance against an upcoming settlement, please visit Legal-Bay HERE or call toll-free at 877.571.0405.

Legal-Bay is recognized as one of the best lawsuit funding companies in Uber and Lyft cases. You can approve these cases within 24 hours of receiving the case documents. If you need a lawyer, Legal-Bay works with law firms in Arizona, new York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvaniaand Florida and can help you find legal representation.

Other cases that qualify for same-day funding: Wildfires, Roundup, Sexual Abuse, and Hernia Mesh.

Legal-Bay’s Settlement Loan programs are designed to provide cash immediately prior to a plaintiff’s expected monetary settlement. The no-recourse litigation loans are risk-free as the money does not have to be repaid in case the recipient loses their case.

To apply, please visit the company’s website HERE or call toll-free: 877.571.0405.