Lost Judgment – How To Find The Game Room Door Code Combination


There is more than one way to make a quick buck in Lost Judgment, but if you’d rather bet big and risk it all for a huge payday, then the game room is the place to be. Ijincho happens to be the perfect place for risk takers, but the high-stakes world of this gambling den is only open to people who know the correct code to get in.

Below we’ve got all the info you need to get out the door and take that itch out of the game. If you need more cash to stay at the tables, we’ve got you covered with our guide to quickly earn money in Lost Judgment. You can also check out our guides for quick SP gains, find all of the Kappa statues, and solve the Dastardly Detective side case. You can also read our review of the Lost Judgment.

Note that this guide will mess up the door code combination, so if you want to solve the puzzle on your own, stop reading now.

To get to the games room, head to the end of Romance Street. You will find the lobby in an alleyway. Head up the stairs and you’ll be greeted by a locked door that requires a four-digit code to open.

To uncover the code in the usual way, go to Fukutoku Park and listen to this conversation:

No legend provided

The NPC will leave vague clues, detailing the exact order you must enter on the door to open it. From the clues he drops, you can deduce that the door code is 7120. Enter the code in the door and you are ready to play Koi-koi and Oicho-kabu games, as well as go shopping inside.

No legend provided

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