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Magnus Carlsen extends partnership with gaming site


Kindred Group announced on Friday that it has signed a two-year extension to its partnership with arguably the greatest chess player of all time.

The sports betting operator has reconnected with Magnus Carlsen, and he will continue to represent the Unibet brand. Kindred has also extended its sponsorship to Offerspill, Norway’s largest chess club. Carlsen founded the club.

“We see great potential in engaging the best chess player of all time, and the highest ranked chess player in the world, as a global ambassador,” said Nils Andén, Chief Commercial Officer of Kindred. Group.

“Over the past two years, Offerspill has made an impressive effort to elevate Norwegian chess to a new level, especially during the pandemic. Such a boost requires funding, and we are proud to contribute, and at the same time promote our message of safety, sustainability and responsibility in entertainment-based gambling across the club,” Andén added. .

In 2014, Unibet was the first gaming operator to introduce chess odds, at the same time Carlsen defended his World Cup title for the first time.

Over the years, Kindred has also sponsored a number of international chess tournaments and major championships. Carlsen has been a Unibet Ambassador since 2020, the same year Offerspill and Kindred Group signed a partnership.

The extension of the partnership comes as Carlsen publicly announced his goal of becoming the first player in history to reach the 2,900 rating level.