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Malta court ruling gave gambling addict a second chance


A court case of embezzlement covered by The Times of Malta is the latest example of the impact gambling addiction could have on professional and personal aspects of life. This time the result seems to be optimal for both the addict and the public.

A gambling problem leads to the company’s money being siphoned off

Malta’s first working day of 2022 brought a court hearing for a 33-year-old man Joanne borg de Mosta, who was accused of stealing money from her employer while working at a lotto stand. The total amount of money siphoned off for gambling has been estimated to be around € 7,000.

Facing charges of fraud, embezzlement and fabricating false evidence, Borg registered a court admission and upheld his guilty plea after being given time to reconsider. According to the prosecution, the amounts bet suggested that she suffered from a gambling addiction.

The tribunal, chaired by magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech, did not turn a deaf ear to demands for sanction asking her to consider sentencing Borg to a period of probation coupled with a treatment order to give him a chance to resolve his problem. game problem.

Everything is good when it ends well

Generously, the court found the accused guilty on all counts, but ordered a three-year probation period coupled with a three-year treatment period and a gambling ban, instead of what the law provides in cases like this, up to 9 years in prison.

The court called the mark decision a new chapter for the accused, but was quick to warn Borg that if she didn’t appreciate the second chance given to her and ended up violating court orders , she would face an appropriate sentence for the extent of her original crimes.

Borg, who had already returned a small portion of the total embezzlement amount to his former employer, still owed € 6,820, money she could repay in installments following the probation sentence she received. The payments would be passed on to his victim through the defense attorney, the court said.