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New Jersey to Implement Stricter Responsible Gambling Protocols – Gambling Industry News


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New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is set to introduce new responsible gaming protocols for all gaming operators in the state in 2023.
An early warning system will be put in place to identify potential problem players

A report commissioned by Rutgers University on the local gaming market made several key recommendations to help improve gaming operators’ approach to an individual customer’s gaming activity and thereby limit following the effects of problem gambling. The DGE now seems ready to act on these recommendations.

CEO spokesperson Leland Moore told Gambling Industry News:

“The DGE maintains existing and comprehensive responsible gaming requirements, but as the gaming industry continues to evolve and grow, regulators must be prepared to meet the challenges of balancing a technology rapidly developing and the need for strong social accountability protocols to protect vulnerable people.

DGE embraces technology to implement profound and transformational change in responsible gaming practices by gaming operators. »

As part of this change, gambling operators will be responsible for hiring a dedicated member of staff who will oversee all responsible gambling practices within the business. This person would also ensure that all customers deemed “at risk” receive the information and resources necessary to limit their exposure to harm from gambling. This would include the ability to limit their activity or take a complete break from gambling.

Companies will also need to implement technology that would help identify potential problem gamblers and those who are already showing signs of problem gambling. This would require the use of a system incorporating automatic triggers based on a person’s account activity or gaming behavior.

Companies will have until January 2023 to put these systems in place. The changes will apply to all forms of gambling, including sports betting.

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