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No same day registration, photo ID required


The Montana Supreme Court recently awarded Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen two victories by overturning a district judge’s decision to block new legislation passed by the Montana Legislature.

KGVO News spoke to Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman Thursday morning about his response to the court’s actions.

“The Supreme Court (Montana) recently made some decisions confirming legislation passed by the 2021 Legislature,” Seaman began. “The most important thing Missoula County voters need to know is that voter registration will not happen on Election Day for most Missoula County voters. There is a specific circumstance in which you can move from one borough in the county to another, but the best way to make sure you can choose is to go online today, check www.my voters site mt.com and confirm your registration status.”

Seaman also addressed the Montana Supreme Court’s second decision.

“The other judgment concerned ID cards at the polling station,” he said. “That means every voter has to show photo ID. If it is not one of the six specific forms of identification listed by the Secretary of State, supporting documents are also required. A good example here in Missoula County is that if you only have your Costco card, you will need supporting documentation such as a bank statement or a government document issued to you or a payslip so all voters coming to a polling station are required to have a photo ID to show.”

Seaman was pleased that his office considered both decisions in anticipation of Election Day.

“We’re always working hard to make sure people are aware of this, so our recent instructions said this is under a legal challenge and to contact our office to make sure you have a vote,” he said. “I’m glad we had the foresight to put that in our direction, so now we know exactly where we’re going to run in June when we go through those elections and then the courts have the opportunity to rule those cases on the merits.” Claims and then make sure we have a clear decision for the upcoming elections in November.”

Seaman reminded the KGVO that this is the first real election at a polling station in nearly four years, leaving many to go to their polling stations on Election Day to vote.

“The biggest question we’ve received lately is, ‘Where’s my ballot?'” he said. “If you are a voter at a polling station, you are given the opportunity to go to your polling station on election day. Not all voters were mailed a ballot on the 13th. you can check www.my voters site mt.com to confirm whether you are a polling station voter or a mail-in voter, but those of you who did not receive a ballot should go to this website and confirm your polling station for Election Day.”

Call the Missoula County Elections Office at 406-258-4751 or visit them in person at 140 North Russell in Missoula.

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