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Norman police dismantle illegal gambling operation in shopping center, six arrests made so far


NORMAN, Oklahoma (KFOR) – The Norman Police Department dismantled an illegal gambling operation on July 15 when a theft call led them to obtain evidence and possibly search warrants, where they found illegal gambling articles and activities.

“They located a lot of slot machines, table games and slot machines,” said Sarah Jensen, public information officer at the Norman Police Department.

It all started when a man called the police and reported that his cell phone had been stolen near 24th and Main St. He asked a karaoke bar if he could charge his phone there. They let him do it, but when he went to pick it up, they wouldn’t have given it to him. When the police arrived at the scene, they found evidence of gambling. This was only the beginning of the treasure they found inside. Norman police said the find was astounding. Jensen said even the detectives were baffled.

“This is really the first time that a number of them have seen something of this nature,” Jensen said.

Illegal gambling suspects.

Zhuang Xing Zheng, 31, Rijin Zheng, 23, Silong Wang, 21, Qiu Lin Zou, 47, Cong Li, 24, and Zailin, 21. Jin were all arrested in connection with illegal gambling in Norman. In Oklahoma, this crime is a crime. Gary Cahill has owned the nearby Hobby Town store for 15 and a half years. He said he never had a clue what was going on.

“It was a surprise,” Cahill said.

According to Cahill, he rarely spoke to the owners. However, when he did, he said they were nice people, never causing any problems.

“The only time we would see owners of the place is during the day if they had a delivery of alcohol,” he said. “No complaints, they were always courteous, never loud.”

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The scene of the alleged illegal gambling operation.

It was also not difficult to know when bar visitors were staying out too late.

“There had been a few times when I would arrive here in the morning before 8 am, do my morning work and there were people leaving. Sometimes pretty drunk, ”Cahill said.

The windows of the karaoke bars were blackened. The owners also ended up renting the business across the store from Cahill.

“We were told it would be a PC gamer cafe,” Cahill said. “They were constantly going back and forth between the two places. “

Shortly thereafter, Cahill said he showed up everywhere to work with the police. They were looking for exactly that building.

“They started offloading electronic gaming machines and dealer tables, flat screen TVs and other accessories,” Cahill said. “This is a first here. Some businesses have opened and closed quite quickly, but nothing like it. “

All play equipment was operational and contained cash. The investigation is far from over. Norman police said they served search warrants in several other areas around the metro and found more money linked to illegal gambling. They also found drugs.