Olympia president announces renewal of football players and arrival of new reinforcements


Olympia was crowned champion of the current Glasura competition, beating Mottagua, and in this way he became the most champion, a joy that caused a party of old Lion followers.

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Several days after winning the title, the players and coaches went on vacation, but the board did not rest, with club president Rafael Wilda discussing the renewal of the squad.

“One of the ideas is to meet the editor-in-chief (Point Pedro Troclio) and see what the next season will be like,” he commented in an interview with the club’s YouTube channel.

More than seven footballers have found themselves without a contract and their future is on hold until a decision is made.

“We all know there are players whose contracts have expired and we have to see if they will renew some of them.. We will analyze the options to see the potential for strengthening With useless players with the club at the moment. These are the things that we are going to analyze. “

Wilda made it clear that after their meeting with Puntarenas Troclio and other managers, only the results of the renewal and signing of the team will take place.

“The position and commitment that our company must represent with dignity in international competitions It’s a big commitment, and between the coaching staff and some members of the board, I hope we will step into this area of ​​players and try to make the best decisions. “

What is clear is that it is a fact that more and more soldiers are coming to the lion’s den. “Strengthening the club is one of those ideas We can get good results, ”he concluded.

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