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On Hayden Hurst, Anthony Miller, Arthur Smith and the Falcons Building Process


JC Daniel in Savannah, Georgia.

Scott, “You nailed it, nailed it, nailed it.” We need an army [with] depth on both sides of the line, and we feel the emptiness of the [Vic] Beasley, [Takk] McKinley, and [Deadrin] Senate choices combined with concern over injuries [Marlon] Davidson (which has potential) and unexpected performance issues regarding [Jalen] Mayfield and [Kaleb] McGary. Those are six recent picks in the high draft.

With limited cash, how many seasons before we recover from this nightmare while [Grady] Jarrett and [Jake] Matthews is aging in years of football with so many other positions that need help and depth? If you were a general manager, how would you classify our needs and plan to meet them? Honestly, I do not know. I know you can’t keep writing the same posts while getting old elsewhere.

Bair: I love this post so much that I posted it all, JC, I’m a huge team building nerd so this is all right for me. When you miss draft picks, especially early and mid-rounds, it hurts you two to three years down the road. The Falcons sense these previous mistakes. When you miss out on first round picks, you lose the power of the stars. It also causes you to spend too much on free agency. When you miss in rounds 2-4, you lose quality depth.

The Falcons are deficient in both areas, and Terry Fontenot will have to make choices and rebuild this team, not from scratch, but from a lower level. It’s going to take time, so we all need to be patient during this working period to build the team well.

In terms of ranking needs, and right now, I go first with the premium positions. Having said that, I’m not going to say quarterback first. Matt Ryan is there and saves time to fall in love with it instead of having to grab one that is available right now. Edge rusher is my biggest need right now. Go get one. Nah, two. Form a fierce seven front. You are not far off. A Wrecker (or two) would get you there. Then another corner stop. Then a speed demon receiver. And a straight tackle. Whenever the quarterback you want comes in, you throw the roster away and do whatever it takes to get this guy.