On Mike Davis and Cordarelle Patterson, offensive line problems and youth security


Jacob Schonberger of New Haven, Connecticut.

Hey Baïr! I wondered why Arthur Smith didn’t start our two young securities. I understand the idea of ​​taking the time to develop, but our high school can’t be much worse than it is now. Why not try your luck with Grant and Hawkins and let them learn from the experience, even if there are growing pains. Our current start safeties are not ideal starters either.

Bair: The Falcons have signed Erik Harris and Duron Harmon so they don’t have to rush young players into action. However, they do give the guys who deserve the time a chance.

It happened with Jaylinn Hawkins against Tampa Bay. He won a few series with training performances. Defensive coordinator Dean Pees has a good philosophy for making young reservists work.

“If you’re a guy who breaks your butt every week and you do well, and the coaches see you well, you can get some playing time. At the same time, if we didn’t totally trust us. [Hawkins] to go there and do a good job, we wouldn’t put it. We didn’t do it just to play it. He won the right to go in because he did it right. “

Pees was also asked what Richie Grant needs to do to get involved defensively.

“Just learn defense better,” said Pees. “He’s a rookie and he’s got to learn a lot. He’s got to get to this point where he knows it, and we know he knows it.”

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