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In a convertible after the release of their new album, members of the band Fanny, left to right, bassist Jean Millington, lead guitarist June Millington and drummer Brie Darling. The film about their group will be screened at the Ashland Independent Film Festival and Darling will perform.

The large backyard of Walkabout Brewing Co. in Medford will be one of two screening locations June 24-28 by the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

“The Mali-Cuba Connection / Africa Mia” will screen at the Ashland Independent Film Festival on Friday, June 25.

Eddie Lopez stars as Hedwig during an OSF Daedalus show. He will host the closing ceremonies of the film festival as Hedwig before the screening of the film “Hedwig & The Angry Inch”.

San Francisco-based host and musician Jeremy Rourke will present free shows at the AIFF Film Center from June 24-27.

The film festival ‘part 2’ lineup includes music, movies and food from June 24-28.

The Ashland Independent Film Festival takes place outdoors June 24-28 with live music and film events for the “second act” of its 20th anniversary celebration.

AIFF hosted a virtual online festival in April. During its five-day summer recall, the festival will continue its tradition of going beyond cinema to celebrate all the arts.

In addition to showing films each evening, AIFF will also present first live musical performances, present entertainment in its Ashland Film Center and co-present a media art exhibition at the Schneider Museum of Art.

Food trucks will be present at the two screening sites.

Festival events are scheduled in four different locations.

At the ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum, 1500 E. Main St. in Ashland, viewers will watch films projected on a large outdoor screen in the field facing the building.

At Walkabout Brewing Company, 921 Mason Way in Medford, attendees will fill the spacious courtyard, facing a large screen and stage.

At downtown AIFF Film Center, 389 E. Main St. in Ashland, San Francisco-based animator and musician Jeremy Rourke will create and perform his animated films and songs in the center window.

And the Schneider Museum, at 555 Indiana St. in Ashland, will present “Collecting Cuba: Selections from the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art” from 10am to 4pm. The exhibition is linked to two of AIFF’s summer films, “Havana Libre” and “The Mali-Cuba / Africa Mia Connection”.

AIFF Executive Director Richard Herskowitz is happy to be able to have live screenings after more than a year of stopping the pandemic.

“I am very excited about our opening and closing evenings,” he said. “We’re kicking off June 24 at ScienceWorks with bands performed by the Rogue Valley Symphony, written to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Brie Howard-Darling, founding member of the group, Fanny is also on the bill.

Fanny are the Filipino-American all-girl group featured in the opening night film, “Fanny: The Right to Rock”.

“The musical couple of Fanny and the Rogue Valley Symphony will definitely be one for the ages,” Herskowitz said.

“Fanny” tells the untold story of three Filipino-American teenagers who founded a garage band in the 1960s that evolved into the fierce Californian rock band, Fanny.

“The closing night can be even more spectacular,” Herskowitz said.

The coincidence of the 20th anniversary of the festival and the film “Hedwig & The Angry Inch” is an opportunity to experiment with an idea that AIFF has been considering for years: an annual “CineMasque” evening around a classic film.

“The actors will be performing scenes from the film and members of the audience are encouraged, but not required, to come in costume,” Herskowitz said.

OSF actor Eddie Lopez, who previously played Hedwig on an OSF Daedalus show, will host the evening as Hedwig, performing songs from the film with guitarist Dan Sherrill and introducing the singer to drag and recent SOU alumnus Bettie Wood (Miles Jessen Smith).

“We also plan to have Eddie, as Hedwig, Skype live with the creator of the role, John Cameron Mitchell, who wrote and created the role,” Herskowitz said. After the opening festivities, the film will be screened. The closing night will take place at ScienceWorks.

Thanks to a grant from Travel Oregon, AIFF recently acquired a new 20-foot inflatable screen for ScienceWorks screenings.

“We have purchased an incredible projection system that we hope to reuse at ScienceWorks and other sites in the region,” Herskowitz said. “The Walkabout Brewery screen is borrowed from our friends at the Collaborative Theater Project in Medford.”

While bands that play before the movies each night will use the AIFF speaker systems, when the sun goes down and the movie kicks off, the soundtrack will be played through headphones.

“We rent the headphone system to Silent Movement International,” he said. “This is the company that organizes the Silent Disco events and summer movies at Lithia Park. The sound is great and the neighbors will have no complaints.

The festival encourages people to bring blankets or low chairs to sit on. There are a few picnic tables at the Walkabout Brewery site, but these will likely be claimed early. Doors open at 7:15 p.m. and live music begins at 7:30 p.m.

Host Rourke’s programs are free to the public at the AIFF Film Center, Thursday through Sunday.

He will bring his mobile animation workspace to the centre’s showcase gallery from June 24 to 25 from 11 to 4, creating and animating paper puppets and engaging passers-by. Self-taught animator, avoiding digital effects for practical techniques, his animation table is full of paper ephemera, photo puppets, clay, paint, pencils, lights and flora.

On June 26 and 27, Rourke will present 20-minute showcases of his songs and entertainment from 11 am to 4:30 pm Seating will be available on the sidewalk outside the gallery.

There will be an indoor event.

“This whole outdoor festival is a careful step back from live event presentations,” Herskowitz said, “which was our strong suit before we became virtual cinema specialists.

“Watching movies outdoors is obviously safer and more comfortable for many, but we are also planning our first indoor event, a ‘TalkBack’ with three hosts in our festival schedule,” he said.

The TalkBack program will take place on Friday, June 25 at 4 p.m. at the AIFF Film Center at 389 E. Main St. in Ashland.

“We have been looking forward to using this space since we moved in and built in January 2020,” Herskowitz said. “We will require proof of vaccination from each of the 20 people who book tickets for this event. “

AIFF will save the TalkBack for future presentation on YouTube. Brandon Givens of the SOU Digital Media Center will oversee the recording of the festival’s live events for a documentary that AIFF hopes to make available online at a later date.

For tickets and more information, visit ashlandfilm.org or call 541-488-3823. Ticket prices range from free to $ 12 ($ 10 for members, seniors, students, and those in financial difficulty).

Masks are mandatory and current physical distancing guidelines will apply.

Thursday June 24

11 to 4: Jeremy Rourke Live Animation Studio, AIFF Film Center.

7:30 p.m .: RVS Fanfares, followed by the screening of “Traveling Fanfares”, a short documentary on RVS performances for first responders, and a performance by Brie Howard-Darling, founding member of Fanny, ScienceWorks.

8:45 p.m .: Screening “Fanny: The Right to Rock”, presented by filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart, ScienceWorks.

friday 25 june

11 to 4: Live animation studio, cinema center.

4 p.m .: Talkback, free, cinema center.

7:30 p.m .: Sound of Cuba, Afro-Cuban music, Walkabout Brewing Co.

8:45 p.m .: Screening “The Mali-Cuba Connection / Africa Mia”, Walkabout.

saturday june 26

11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m .: Rourke, extended cinema room, cinema center.

7:30 p.m .: Clayton Joseph Scott, roots / rock music, ScienceWorks.

8:45 p.m .: Screenings, animated short films “Metro6” and “Weed & Wine”, ScienceWorks.

Sunday June 27

11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m .: Expanded cinema show, cinema center.

7:30 p.m .: Les Reverberays, surf-rock music, Walkabout.

8:45 p.m .: “Free Havana” screening, Walkabout.

Monday June 28

7:30 p.m .: host Eddie Lopez as Hedwig, drag performer Bettie Wood, guitarist Dan Sherrill, costume contest, ScienceWorks.

8:45 p.m .: Screening, “Hedwig & The Angry Inch”, Scienceworks.