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Police shut down illegal gambling dens


Authorities in Daun Penh district closed seven illegal gambling sites on July 3. Administration of Daun Penh

The Daun Penh district administration in Phnom Penh has warned of legal action against the owners of seven establishments in Wat Phnom, Phsar Thmei I, Phsar Kandal and Srah Chak on suspicion of carrying out illegal online gambling operations. The action came after authorities closed the locations on July 3.

City police spokesman San Sok Seiha told The Post on July 4 that the crackdown came after the district authority asked owners to stop illegal online gambling.

“The police did not arrest any suspects, but asked them not to engage in illegal online gambling activities, which is against the instructions of the city administration,” he said.

On the evening of July 3, district governor Sok Penh Vuth tasked his deputy Mok Chankurana to lead a joint force to shut down locations where payment accounts for illegal online games on cell phones have been established.

“Establishments operate by using a computer to close a door after entering. The door is locked and players can then top up their account. Once players top up their account, they can play on their phone.

“The authorities have decided to lock down the houses. If the owners do not follow the administration’s instructions, we will implement strict administrative measures and the district police will stop and return the case to court, ”the district administration said.