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Premier League set to lose gaming shirt sponsorships


According to a report by Sportsmail, betting and gambling companies should be banned from appearing on the front of football shirts in the premier league, as part of the UK Gaming Act 2005 review.

It is becoming likely that the UK will see changes in the regulation of gambling advertising, as it has been reported that the impact of advertising in the field and on television is also taken into account .

Brigitte Simmonds, president of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), took a position that the betting industry is not solely responsible for problem gambling: “One person with a problem is too many. For the past 20 years, the industry has been the sole funder of research, education and treatment, and it was only very recently that the NHS entered the scene and decided to create new centers.

‘I visited the one in Leeds and what is absolutely clear is that a lot of those who have a gambling problem have problems in other areas and this is where it needs to be brought into the NHS so that we help these people. “

Currently, nine of England’s top teams have a betting company as shirt sponsors, with the ban having a ‘potentially significant impact’ on club revenues outside of the top six.

Simmonds added: “As an industry, we just announced that we are going to spend an additional £ 100million by 2024 to fund the national helpline, to fund Aware of the bet and on the financing of the 10 million that we have just invested in education via YGAM and GamCare.

“The Department of Education is now involved because it’s now a requirement of PSHE that you look at something around the risks. However, this cannot be left to industry alone, so hopefully some of these issues will be explored a bit further. “

A potential ban on betting shirt sponsorships has been in the works for some time, having been singled out as a “likely outcome” of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s review of the gambling law and reportedly supported by his cabinet.

In a bid to sever their ties with the betting companies, a number of Premier League clubs held a meeting in March to discuss the future of their relationship with the industry, including Burnley, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leeds United, Newcastle United, Southampton, West Ham United and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The ban, however, would be less likely to be applied to lower leagues given the significant financial impact it would have on EFL teams.

A source close to the magazine added, “We’re pretty sure there is going to be an end to the shirt front ad. Everyone expects it. Reformers want more, but many politicians worry about the lower leagues.

“The government thinks the front of the shirt will make the headlines and it will feel like it has made a bold statement.”

Reviews of the gambling law began in December 2020, where the House of Lords select committee on the “social and economic impacts of gambling” recommended 66 critical areas that required “urgent” action from the side. of the government.