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Roll the dice in June

An illustration of time-traveling guys Bill and Ted riding and playing instruments.

Picture: Opus Edition

For all Bill and Ted fans who think it’s fake the franchise is coming to an end, we have great news. New comics are on the way with everyone favorite time traveling rock starsand this time they go back to hell.

io9 is thrilled to announce that Opus Publishing, the publishing arm of Incendiumwill make its debut Bill and Ted roll the dice #1 on June 14. Set after the events of Bill and Ted’s fake tripthe story follows the Wyld Stallyns as they are fired to hell, this time by Satan himself. There they will have to play a fantasy RPG (think Dungeons and Dragonsa la Bill and Ted) to save the band and their souls. Along the way, they’ll meet their old friend Joan of Arc, occultist Aleister Crowley, and many others, including, we’re not telling you, Doctor Feelgood. Mötley Crüe Air Guitar!

The story is written by James Asmus (Quantum and Woody) with illustrations by Wayne Nichols (Black Orphan)and each issue will also contain a side story of Chuck De Nomolos, the villain of fake trip, which stars fan-favorite character Rufus in a lead role. This section is written by John Barber (Back to the future) with illustrations by Andrew Currie (Doctor Who). And now here’s the cover of the first issue; it’s by Lukas Ketner (witch doctor) and makes its exclusive debut on io9.

beak and ted on horses..

Bill and Ted roll the dice #1 by Lukas Ketner
Picture: Opus Edition

Seen how the company behind it, Incendium, had already done excellent Bill and Ted toys and clothes, Denton Tipton, editor of his publishing brand Opus, told io9 via email that comics were the natural next step. As for the subject, it comes from Tipton’s past.

“For the first storyline, we wanted something that hadn’t been done in the comics before, that was relevant at the time but still relevant today, and that had – as with everything Opus – a strong musical connection,” he said. , “During these years, I spent many hours playing tabletop RPGs, and J&D has never been as popular as it is today. The 80s also brought Satanic Panic, when parents and religious groups railed against these games, and heavy metal music, of course.

Tipton tossed the idea up the chain of command, got the nod, and busted another 80s relic. “For the creative team, I pulled out the Rolodex and researched the funniest writers I know “, did he declare. “Once they all turned me down, James and John were ready to answer the call of adventure!”

Bill and Ted from a fake trip

Roll the Dice will have multiple variant covers. This is one above as well as a figure cover and two other variations per Tom Feister (Ex-Machina) and Carlos Datoli (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers).
Picture: Opus Edition

Ever since fans saw what happens to Bill and Ted after This period, Tipton made sure the story was set in a time that betrayed none of that – and there was one big driving force in particular. “This happens over the next 16 months fake trip where Future Bill and Ted said they got awesome in practice,” he said. “That’s all the reader needs to know.”

In fact, there is a Another thing you need to know: This four-part miniseries is just the beginning. “We plan to have a new Bill and Ted comic in stores every month, including a few one-shots as we prepare for the next miniseries,” Tipton said.

For more information, as well as Bill and Ted roll the dice #1 (coming out, again, on June 14), visit the Incendium official website.

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